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Bestvibe’s 5 in 1 Automatic Knob-Adjusting Stroker Fits the Bill Beautifully


The Bestvibe 5 in 1 automatic knob adjusting masturbator, offers a range of pleasures that might tickle your fancy. 

It’ll suck you in, heat you up, vibrate and rotate you, and thrust you up and down an extra 1.2 inches, all the while immersed within a 5.6″ sleeve, before engaging the one-touch climax button.

At 70 bucks or 20% less with Bestvibe code MP20, the 5 in 1 masturbator isn’t as brawny as the best BJ machines, but it packs a decent punch with its retractable stroke length.

If you are bulk shopping, buying 3 you gets you one free. 


Bestvibe 5 in 1 Knob-Adjusting Masturbator


Bestvibe 5 in 1 Highlights

  One-Touch Climax Button
 Heats to Body Temp
 3 Suction Modes
 10 Rapid Thrusts
 10 Seismic Vibrations
 Type-C Charger


Note – only available in UK for now.



How does Bestvibes 5 in 1 Masturbator work?

 Bestvibes 5 in 1’s comfortable button distribution allows for easy handling.

 You have 5 settings for:

  1. Heating  (double click the vibrate button)
  2. Vibrations x 10 ( double click)
  3. Suction x 3 (long press)
  4. Climax (long press)
  5. Thrusting x 10 (rotate speed dial)

Once powered-on and thrusting is enabled, the dial that you see or the rotary button which surrounds the LCD screen, controls your thrusting speed, clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation and temperature.

The vertical oblong window is sadly just for show. It’s not a window into your pole.

Known also as the Aircraft Cup or the Intruder 2.0, the Intruder 1.0 does feature a large screen which depicts the action, but doesn’t include heating.


How does the Bestvibe 5 in 1 feel?

The sleeve is extremely soft and houses a dense pattern of bulbous nodules, running from head to base and on full thrust, it’ll swivel up to 5.6″ of you, or 6.8″ on injection mode.

Its opening resembles more of a derriere than a poonani, but inside its symmetrically ribbed and feels more like a throat.

Ribbed all the way down, 4.7″ marks the length of the tunnel, but you first have to pass through an almost one inch entrance.

No PVC here, it’s very light and fluffy.


Cleaning the Bestvibe 5 in 1

Cleaning this ABS medical silicone sleeve is a doddle.

You can use a homemade oil based lube, or a water based one on silicone skin, but obviously not a silicone lube, and these will wash out with some lukewarm water and a little neutral hand soap.

For drying, if you are having difficulty speeding up the process, try some Fleshlight drying methods or simply find a cool dark place with low humidity that’s quite airy, and either hang it or leave it on a tea towel, coming back now and then to reposition.



  One-touch climax button!
  1.2″ thrusts
  Fast Type-C charger
  Good 5.7″ stroke length 
  Affordable thrusting auto-stroker
  Heats up


 Not interactive
  Unable to use plugged in
  Difficult to use hands-free – try a DIY FL mount


Note – only available in UK for now.