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CAMS/VR review: For amateur, racy & nefarious affairs


This is a review of, a busy video chat platform where the two biggest streaming communities beam in from the Philippines and Columbia, and where young women generally flaunt themselves for digital diamonds and other non-tangible gifts, which can later be cashed in, making and the protagonist a small profit.      

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It’s also a place where girls like to leverage their private social media accounts, such as Line/Telegram/FB/Insta or Onlyfans for more unrestrained behaviour, however much of what the girls intend to do will feature in a paid chat room on or in a group which you’ve subsequently been invited to for free after the paid chat room.

Paid chat rooms mainly start off at around $0.50 or more after her free show has ended, and from there stripping and such takes place, but all hell breaks loose once the model invites you and/or a group of you back for free, for a private group chat which is not moderated by

Entering private platform show
Entering private platform show

It’s a murky place at times as with many of these video chat streaming sites, but it’s not a sex cam site per se, like Chaturbate or Stripchat which are graphic from the outset. starts off like chatting on Bigo, but things can lead much further in free chat on unlike at Bigo where glimpses of private areas normally get streams pulled before a different story line ensues.

You will need to log in to to be allowed full access to their features.

Registering is free and any gmail, phone number or FB media account for now (23/10/23) will suffice, and once inside you can search geographically under nearby, check the newest streamers or plough through the ones you follow.

You can access across all devices but viewing on the PC is often easier viewing the hundreds of streamers present.

Gifts begin from about 8 cents up – it is not mandatory to tip in free streams where lurking is the most popular past time, but the afterparty is where you’ll require some small funds.

$10 will buy you 1600 coins.

A show will normally begin at the cost of one rose which is 99 coins (roughly 80 cents).

India and Ukraine (surprisingly still), run The Philippines and Columbia a close second in their number of streamers with no less than two to three hundred at any one time.

Desi girls are also popular on Tango.

However, hanging around the new section allows you to tap into Tango’s diversity of streamers more, unlike the popular or for you sections which generally reward the the long timers by featuring them at the top.

You do get normal streamers just up for a chat on Tango as well, but much fewer than say on Bigo or Uplive.

Understandably, crass chat is not permitted and overall, it’s a more gift centred video streaming app than chat based.

Alternative, debaucherously bizarre shows do take place from time to time, often involving drink, games and props, you get the gist.

Probably one of the most risqué streaming platforms out there right now; visit at your peril!