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What’s Jelqing? Penis Milking Explained in 3 Steps


What’s Jelqing? Jelqing or ‘milking’ is an Arabic method and includes rather easy penis workouts, carried out utilizing just your very own hands –  where no additional gadgets are needed, although you can use recommended penis pumps for safe short-term expansion.


How does jelqing actually work?


On Anatomy

The section of your penis penis that holds blood as you get an erection is known as the Corpora Cavernosa. The Corpora Cavernosa is a chamber and there are actually 2 of those in your own penis.

Workout routines have been and are very successful because they enhance the capacity of these chambers and thus improve the quantity of blood they would hold.

Hence, the more blood which the penis could hold, the larger it may expand, both in length and width.

A proper jelqing exercise will:

– Improve the elasticity of the skin, to allow the erection to grow to its full potential.

– Enhance the blood circulation to the soft tissue which is what the penis is made of.


So what’s Jelqing exactly?


Where to begin.

All the time keep in mind, the penis is a delicate instrument and should be handled with respect! Even though uncomplicated and harmless if you know the method, jelqing exercises have to be performed right and carefully.


Step 1

Always warm up

warm up will before jelqing

The easiest means is to place a warm wet washcloth round your penis for around two minutes. This will improve the blood circulation that makes the workouts more effective. Here is an efficient starter work out.


Step 2

Apply some lube
olive oil for lubing penis shaft
Olive oil for lubing penis shaft

Apply a little lubricant, something like baby oil or some olive oil. Utilize your thumb and forefinger to softly rub your penis and, using only light pressure, lightly press the blood in the your shaft from its bottom up to the tip.


Step 3

Massage from base to tip 
Massage from base to tip to jelq

Continue this routine for around five minutes, like you are slowly pressing the toothpaste out of its tube from bottom to top in one fell swoop.

The intention is to encourage the blood to move the whole way through your penis, increasing the soft tissues and so allowing it to become even larger.

When carrying out these exercises, it’s ok to be partially erect. If you are absolutely flaccid, there won’t be a sufficient amount of blood to expand the chambers. In case you are totally erect, you will not be able to push additional blood into the penis.

Day by day, you will start to see an outcome.

For a more graphic yet clearer picture of what jelqing is – here is a giff image of how to jelq or milk as they say.



Get a Jelqing device


Jelqing device by Jelqgym on Amazon


To achieve maximum control over each jelqing repetition you should think about investing in a jelqing device.

Boosting power to each jelq will help you achieve faster results and the PJG2 by Jelqgym above will do just this. There are more affordable ones on Amazon, just don’t scrimp on the quality as it’s your member at stake here.

An effective tool that allows for more even pressure throughout the penis resulting in a more constructive jelqing session.

Simple in design yet very effective at what it’s created to do, the PJG2 has two rollers and a comfortable grip for ease of jelq.

It’s a weighted system that allows for even pressure distribution during each repetition.

The balanced pressure the jelq device allows reduces your chance of injury because you won’t be applying more pressure to one side of your penis than the other.

By exercising for just a few minutes a day you can safely add to the length and width of your penis resulting in permanent benefits.

In a few short weeks you should have fuller, harder, longer lasting erections.

In time, you may continue more advanced methods to speed up the pace of enlargement through the use of one of the top 3 enlargement devices reviewed here.


Can you increase penis size by 2 inches Jelqing?


Not by jelqing no – and forget penis pumps.

Penis pumps work by you placing a suction device over your manhood and then applying a rubber strap to its base.

You then work the suction device, which slowly sucks the blood from your pubic region into your manhood, where it remains trapped in the penis by the strap.

Yes your manhood will look bigger, obviously due to the increased blood volume present in your shaft, but when flaccid again, no penis growth will have taken place.

If your looking to initiate the reproduction of cell tissue in your shaft which will obviously therefore slowly enlarge your penis in length and girth, then you need to use a decent traction device.

A reporter for the British Channel 4 program “Extreme Male Beauty”, actually tested one of these devices out on himself and results clearly showed, through a cast taken of his erect penis before and after, that his length and girth increased.

In the reporters case – Tim Shaw, he experienced a permanent increase in length by just over 0.5 inches in the space of 2 weeks.

Therefore if you multiply these results, had he worn one of these devices for 6 weeks he could well of experienced an increase in length by up to 1 and a half inches.

One of the manufacturers of these devices, which are now medically endorsed in the U.S and throughout Europe, who have 50’000 active members on their forum all using the same device, state that on average the maximum increase in length is normally no more than 2 inches which can take up to 3 to 4 months.

It is also worth noting however that if you suffer from penis curvature then this is one of the most commonly practiced techniques in the west now, so as to offer you the chance to straighten your penis, making sex more stimulating and less painful whilst also increasing your size.

And for Micro Penis sufferers, these devices are also user friendly as they can be a applied and worn on a flaccid penis only 1 inch in length.