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15 Racy Adult Stocking Stuffer Ideas Inspired by Christmas Present


It’s that special time of year again for some cheeky festive frolicking.

Past Christmas brought some wonderful adult stocking stuffer ideas in the shape of whacky masturbation cups and some funky new sex games, and this year proves to have gone a step further!

All walks of life will be able to find a little something in these madcap, kinky, new racy creations.

So lets delve straight in and indulge in some X-rated Christmas spirit!


15 NEW Adult Stocking Stuffer Ideas Christmas 2023


1. Secret Santa Thong



They’re kitsch but cute no?

Well as adult stocking stuffer ideas go, they’re definitely the most affordable here.

Not many men are particularly blessed in the cold conditions, so this Secret Santa Thong might be just what’s required in between workouts!

Grab some privacy and keep the old boy warm while donning the Christmas spirit like the good egg you are.

The low range sides make them all the more fetching, although while designed for men they’d be super naughty on a lady.





2. Secret Auto-BJ Speaker



This first hidden masturbation machine could double up as a speaker and is a fun gift to completely flummox your partner as they plug it in.

It’s at the high end of stocking fillers or it could become a main gift, either way when the side panel slips off, you have an automatic BJ machine with 7 stroking functions!

It’ll do 3 hours on full charge, the sleeve is quality soft TPE, so only water based lubes and it’s IPX6 waterproof – you can take it in the shower with you.





3. Neck Collar, Arms & Wrist Cuffs Gear



Perhaps events take an unexpected turn, and it’s time to break out the cuffs on Christmas morning!

Are you the dom or the sub? However the day may unfold, you may be in safe hands, quite literally.

You can hogtie or be hogtied from the front or behind, your call, and the holes along the straps allow the cuffs to fully adjust to the sub’s physique.

This BDSM set includes 5 padded cuffs, all of which are faux fur lined, plus it comes with a detachable chain restraint.

Happy Christmas!





4. Buzzing Rabbit Love Ring



This affordable Rabbit Love Ring by Lovehoney comes in cute box and has brought pleasure to many  a couple during penetrative sex.

It’ll serve both perineal and clitoral stimulation so it’s like 2 sex toys in 1!

Hypoallergenic silicone requires H2O lube, or you can try making a DIY water based lube. Comes with 3 speeds and 7 patterns and you can jump in the bath with it.





5. Rocks Off Rainbow Vibrator



A neon shimmering 80mm pocket vibrator pulsates with 3 speeds and 4 pleasure patterns.

Designed for external use only, so not for penetration, it can however go underwater and pleasure one of many erogenous zones: the frenulum, labia, bottom growth, nipples, perineum and even the inside of the foreskin.

Non-gender specific, it’s multi-talented.





6. Coke Can Hidden Stroker


It looks like an Avenger’s fizzy drink, but on closer inspection you’ll discover it comes apart and hey presto you have a 4.7 inch TPR ribbed masturbator sleeve inside.

Whip it out, the sleeve first that is, apply some water based-lube and dive straight in.

This open-ended masturbation cup is not dissimilar to a Fleshlight Quickshot, albeit it’s longer and you can store it in plain sight, .. just, not with the logo showing.





7. Nipple, Head & Clitoris Biter



This nipple and clitoris biting tool could well be one for under the tree, however it’s pretty affordable and it can be used on any body type.

Ten biting and ten vibrating modes, let’s this unique kisser and licker attend to the ears, nipples, arse, clitoris and frenulum; with food for thought.

Treat yourself or others to this shlurpy flesh-red silicone tongue on Christmas morning, and crack open the Bucks Fizz!






8. Aaron Torch Masturbator Machine



Stood on its side, the Aaron masturbator machine will blend into the surroundings no problem.

Giving the appearance of a wide torch, if you lay it down and hold its handle accordingly, then unzip, lube and glide in, there are 7 rotation patterns to play with.

Detachable, easy to clean, sturdy and a tad pricey for a stocking filler, it’ll spook them all the same when they discover what a secret luxury it is you’ve just bought them.





9. Half-peeled Banana Vibrator

This semi-peeled banana might blend in with the fruit bowl, although probably better kept in its box or that secret compartment in your handbag will do.

It’s not too long at 5.11″, and it has 3 vibrating and 7 frequency patterns.

It’s forte is its clitoral stimulation and while it may appear a bit gimmicky, it is anything but. Made of silicone so treat it well (only water based lubes, no saliva or oils), it’s light but not lightweight.





10. Wine Bottle with Secret Onahole


Gifted initially as a bottle of wine, this premium liquor bottle will soon raise a quizzical look once unwrapped and its mystery unravels.

Another stroker you can keep on the shelf, it’s actually a full-on life-size premium TPR sleeve with a 9.84″ insertion length.

100% waterproof, a neutral watery lube and a mild detergent with lukewarm water will keep this bad boy in tip top shape.





11. LHM Doctor Role-play Costume



This two piece doctors role-play uniform, suggests there’s an emergency orgasm to deliver.

Strap on the Velcro collar, slip into your briefs and determine the prognosis.

The trunks are comfy, scratch-free and the embroidered logo will withstand many a hot wash.

The opaque fabric also helps elevate pleasure levels, allowing onlookers to catch a glimpse of your promised package.





12. Soft Pink Wearable Dildo



Crafted from liquid silicone, this super soft pink dildo can be worn by any folk or additionally you can deploy its suction cup which sits behind the testis.

Ensuring a robust grip, it will attach to most hard, wet or dry surfaces and will work wonders on the shower wall.

With a 6.7 inch shaft, 4.33 insertable, it contains the highest elasticity known to wearable dildo’s which means it doesn’t get more life-like than this.





13. Flapping Tongue Vibrator



6.8″ in total length, the Flapping Tongue Vibrator is home to a 3.2 inch tongue, and if ever there’s a moment when you wish that special someone could delve a little deeper but they’re struggling, then it may be time to harness the Flapper.

IPX5 waterproof so showerproof but not bath proof, being silicone it will last if you take care of it with your water based lubes and gentle washing and drying methods, some neutral soap and warm water will suffice.

Featuring 10 frequencies or speeds of titillating tongue pleasure, you’ll get one hours use on full charge. It comes in a pretty pink bag and box entitled Tongue Vibrator.





14. Ice Cream Wand Massager



Designed to target the clit, the cone or head is soft but textured which as you may know will raise the climactic bar.

Available in strawberry flavour ice cream too, this Ice Cream Wand Massager is amazingly IPX7, as not many wands go under water, so someone’s in for a real treat.

Relatively small some say at 5.7″, that’s like an Apple iPhone 13 or two credit cards together length ways, it’s still got some welly.

Like riding a motorcycle some say.





15. Glow in the Dark Fleshlight



The Glow by Kiiroo is a limited edition stroker and is the pièce de résistance of adult stocking stuffer ideas for guys this year.

And as you can see it glows in the dark!

You can also screw the PowerBlow into it, which is another new device by Kiiroo which winds on at the deep end and kick starts a suction engine, and you could even then whack that in the Keon machine, for some triple whammy translucent automatic action at 240 strokes a minute!

Although that’s veering off into the luxury market, and while your special someone might be worth it, as stocking fillers go, when it’s not on sale it’s a premium priced Fleshlight, so the Glow itself would be a magical present, let alone stocking filler.