Are Penis Enlargement Devices Safe to Use for men

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Are penis enlargement devices safe to use?



Due to the clinical trials underwent by many men through the medical endorsement process – it’s safe to say that – yes, a comfortable penis extender does work, but there are 3 benchmarks for it to work for you successfully.

Firstly, your penis length should be no smaller than 1 inch when flaccid, as the most reputable devices are not designed to cope with much less.

Second, to gain the fastest and most successful results depending on your requirements, you should wear one of these comfort straps no less than 30 minutes a day and not exceeding 4 hours.

Third, your blood circulation around your pubic region should be healthy. What’s meant by that is that if you suffer from any circulatory ailments or diabetes for example where your sugar metabolic rate may be low, then it is worth supplementing your exercise plan with some natural viagra-style pills.

These will help increase the blood flow through this region which means cell reproduction can take place faster which in turn means quicker growth in length and girth.

It’s only through the ability of creating new penile tissue cells in your penis that make some of the penis enlargement devices currently available in this market successful.

Don’t be fooled by any of the other pills, pumps or potions about as these do not add length or girth.

Penis pills can be beneficial as mentioned above in that they can help boost the blood flow to your manhood, help you maintain stronger, longer lasting erections and in some cases even boost your semen production as well as your libido.

But they don’t actually force your manhood to grow more cell tissue.

The same goes for penis pumps or vacuums.

Whilst your member may look bigger when erect, this is only due to the increased volume of blood that’s been sucked into you shaft and is being trapped by the rubber strap that come with these devices.

Once flaccid again it will return to its normal length.

So much like what happens when a weight lifter lifts weights, he forces the cell tissue in the muscle to stretch resulting in the birth of new cell tissue.

This is essentially what happens with penis enlargement devices, but it takes time – at least one month before any noticeable gain.

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