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NEW Hand Grenade Vibrating Masturbator – Insert, Grip, Explode!


It’s not entirely clear what possessed a man to fashion a hand grenade into his very own motorized cock sleeve, but boy is it explosive!

And it’s a bit bigger than a normal sized hand grenade.

Roughly the size of a pineapple, this store-in-plain-sight new vibrating male masturbator  – aka La Bomba, is both a unique male adult toy, and one which goes the distance.



Under 40 bucks, it’ll accommodate any man as it’s open-ended and you can flip it inside out to clean, which you can see below, where it resembles more of a scalp massager or a dog chew, so be careful when leaving it out to dry.

Magnetically USB charged, the Grenade Men’s Vibrator by Velvet Brands, delivers 10 different powerful vibration patterns onto and around your arsenal.

Oiled up nicely – (any DIY water based lube will be perfect), this ticking time bomb is controlled by a single button that pulsates a tickling interior, jamming a millipede of pleasure tentacles directly against your throng, for a pleasure akin to some succulent oral behaviour.



La Bomba review




 Spiked tiny fingers – titillate entire shaft
  Easy one-touch control button – with blue LED indicator
 10 strong vibration settings – driven by stout motor 
 100% waterproof – equals bath & jacuzzi fun time!
  Magnetic USB charger – for faster recharging





How does La Bomba inner sleeve feel?

This one-off vibrating hand grenade masturbator features Velvet’s signature ultra-soft elastomer, made of body-safe material which is permeable so no homemade oily lubes.

It’s a killer design which might not quite put it on par with a similar priced affordable Fleshlight, in terms of feel when it comes to its inner sleeve texture, however its design is one of a kind.

And it’s not shabby on sensation given the 10 vibration settings you get to sift through.

These long slim titillating spikes wobble and bobble at escalating speeds, quite unlike any other male pleasure toys to date.


How to clean La Bomba

Given its TPE type stretchy material and the fact that it’s IPX7 waterproof, you simply turn this vibrating hand grenade inside out, and run it under the tap with some warm soapy water.

Much like washing and drying a Fleshlight, give it a thorough rinse and then air dry it in a discreet place.

It’s not clear exactly just how much battery life you get with this vibrating hand grenade masturbator, as stronger vibration settings will use up more juice, but you’re definitely good to go for an hour. 

Lube up, insert, hit the power button and you’re off.

Relatively quiet, you can muffle its vibes by simply closing your bedroom door. No need to bury yourself under the covers.


  Killer design
  10 vibration settings
  Includes free magnetic USB charger
  100% waterproof
  Great travel buddy
  Velvet Brands creation – family run toy business


  Less depth than a similarly affordable Fleshlight
  Not interactive
  Not a robust BJ machine