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How to make a Sex Swing – 5 Methods + Home Improv Ideas


Sex swings and slings are a fantastic way to spice things up and they may unintentionally revive your sex life if it needs a jolt.

A great for sex tool for disabled men and women, sex swings really take the weight off your feet and they add a whole new repertoire of sex positions to your solo or couples capers.

The main obstacle people face however building their own sex swing is how to harness a swing indoors.

Drilling into your ceiling doesn’t sound appetising to most, so there are alternatives to this, notably finding a ceiling joist/rafter tie that you can wrap a sturdy sling around, drilling into its side, hanging it from an iron clamp underneath or slotting it in a stand.

This info graph just about summarizes your hanging options or you can stand it on its own two feet, or build a frame.

Rigging from a beam by Squeekmachine


A porch swing stand frame is one option.

It maybe rudimentary but should be cheap to piece together if not free, using your own resources.

Probably wise having medical insurance before you go ahead with building your sex swing. 

Using bolts to hold a swing assumes they’re strong enough to hold weight in directions they weren’t designed for.

You’ll also want everything going through closed loops and if you’re going off at angles, then that changes things structurally because now you’re a dynamic load.

One way around this is to take a leaf out of an aerial acrobatics book and rig a frame like they do. There are many designs out there and they’ll be perfect for this.

They’re are designed for 360 degree weight distribution, unlike a porch swing stand.

Acrobatic Aerial Rigs on Amazon

Additionally, hunting stores on Amazon sell deer hanging frames. You can shorten the legs to fit indoors and they have a hand winch with a 300lb limit. Can be found for under a $100.


How to make a Sex Swing – 5 Methods


1. 4 Point Sex Sling

This clever creation from a reddit user tein123, comes in 3 parts. You may be able to work around certain aspects with your own spreader frame or support stand to avoid any joist work.

  • a spreader frame
  • 4 support chains
  • a sling

What you’ll need

  • 4 lengths of chain capable of holding 100-200kg each
  • a joist (sistered preferably) or anchor point/stand
  • 4 porch swing springs (optional)
  • no’ of coach bolts
  • 4 carabiners
  • a spreader frame

How to build a 4 point sex sling

  1. Tbh the creator bought the sling so you’ll need a piece of fabric that will hold 4 carabiners and support 300kg at least, as the rule of thumb is triple the weight for dynamic loads .
  2. Make sure you have some heavy duty bolts in place to hold the anchor point if you’re hanging it from a joist.
    Using a heavy bag hanger is one alternative if you are using a strong beam or joist etc, but much more burly than the one you see below, although going horizontally through the beam would probably be a safer option.
    It will also hang in a wide enough frame.
  3. With your premade or purchased spreader frame, thread the chains through and hang them on closed swing springs and then feed the bag hanger bolt through them.
  4. Finally attach your slings carabiners through the chain rings which give you the option of how high you want your sling off the ground.  


2. Blueprint Leather DIY Sling

The DIY BDSM community on reddit is a good source for adult DIY projects, and this homemade sex sling blueprint design is one such model.

What you’ll need

  • 50″ x 22″ stiff but flexible piece of nine-twelve ounce leather
  • 4 x 2″ D rings
  • Tandy leather glue
  • Superglue
  • 2 x 48″ long & 6″ thick pieces of hardwood
  • 8 woodscrews
  • Wood glue
  • 4 x 5ft long chains able to bear 750lbs
  • 4″ steel ring by Easylinks
  • no’ of lagbolts or woodscrews + spacers for cross
  • Leather, cloth or foam rubber for cross ends
  • 2 x plywood squares 7.5l x 7.5w x 0.5″depth
  • 12 heavy nickel Tandy keyposts

How to make this Blueprint Leather DIY sex sling

  1. There are no clear set of instructions following on from this one page sex sling diagram, but begin a advised by preparing the 3 parts separately. Start by cutting the leather into the shape as illustrated using the dimensions shown.
  2. Move onto the cross next. The 4ft cross will be 6″ tall and braced in the 2 plywood squares. You should use plenty of wood glue for the top section.
  3. With the wood cross acting as a spacer, the weight is entirely on the chain at one pitch point. As discussed you’ll want to have a hook firmly embedded in a joist or lassoed around one professionally. Again, if you have your own frame then this would help.
  4.  If you are suspended from the bedroom ceiling, be sure to cover the cross ends with something to avoid swinging up and scuffing the celling’s paint work.


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3. Gym Squat Rack Sex Swing

This decked out shipping container might feature on the evening news at some point, but for now there’s no harm in reviewing it.

Inspired by a series from the Big Bang where Penny is donned in a leather domme outfit, this homemade sex swing on reddit is built around the design of a gym squat rack, so there’s no troublesome ceiling work to contend with.

What you’ll need

  • gym squat rack
  • 4 x chains
  • 4 x 1″ eyebolts
  • 4 x 4″ steel rings
  • Mattress or sling of some kind
  • 4 x lifting eyebolts
  • optional – platform for bed to secure chains

How to make a Gym Squat Rack Sex Swing

  1. So first off you’ll need a gym squat rack cage, or one with four solid vertical supports. There are no steps to this thread, so it’s a case of piecing it together from the picture. 
  2.  The bed is suspended from the squat rack. There’s not much room to swing a cat on this sex swing bed but it does lend itself to some sub domme play or your favourite BDSM (VR) porn
  3. You might want to wrap the bare frame or chains in some fabric or padding to avoid any snagging.


4. Hammock with 2 Spreader bars

This is an AI generated image.

You don’t often see a hammock with 2 spreader bars but they can come in handy during your swinging ventures.

What you’ll need

  • Breathable fabric like cotton canvas or ripstop nylon. 
  • Use smooth, round wooden dowels or PVC pipes for spreader bars with a diameter of 1-1.5 inches.
  • Some rope or webbing with a weight capacity not exceeding three times your weight
  • Blunt needles (for sewing)
  • Thread (strong enough for your fabric)
  • Grommets (optional – for reinforcing rope attachment points)
  • Carabiners (optional – for attaching to hanging points)

How to make a Hammock with two spreader bars

  1. Measure your desired hammock length (including spreader bar width) and double it for fabric length. Consider adding extra length for gathering at the ends. The width should be about 5-6 feet.
  2. Fold the raw edges of the fabric inwards and sew a strong hem along them to prevent fraying. You could try a fabric binding tape for a cleaner finish.
  3. If you want to be able to remove the spreader bars, sew pockets at each end to house them. Ensure the pockets are slightly larger than the dowel diameter to allow for an easy insertion.
  4. Whichever type of spreader bar you choose, make sure the length is slightly shorter than the fabric width, for a gentler curve. 
    It might be an idea to use grommets around the drilled holes to prevent tearing when you collapse on it.
  5. For strapping, why not try some suspension straps to be on the safe side. 
    Thread one end of your rope or strap through each hole of the fabric or  spreader bar openings and tie a secure knot on the underside of the fabric, ensuring even weight distribution. Do this with all 4 attachment points.
  6. Trim any excess rope and burn the ends to prevent fraying. f you’re using carabiners, attach them to the ends of the rope so it’s easier to hang.
  7. For erecting indoors you’ll need some sturdy support suspending four corners from either the ceiling or beams, or the support rope could unite to form one pitch point achievable through your own skills.


5. Yoga Trapeze Sex Swing

A yoga trapeze swing requires a fair bit of core strength, depending on your chosen position.

You can write emails upside and really stretch the spine out or enjoy some tantric sex for some slower building climaxes.

What you’ll need

  • Strong comfortable fabric like cotton canvas or ripstop nylon
  • A sewing machine & thread strong enough for your fabric
  • Metal D-rings for attaching the straps & carabiners
  • Carabiners (suitable for twice your weight) to attach the swing to hanging points

How to make a Yoga Trapeze Sex Swing

  1. Cut the fabric up into the straps (length depends on hanging height and desired legroom) and the seat (large enough to sit comfortably).
  2. Fold the straps in half lengthwise and sew a strong seam along the open edge to create two long loops.
  3. Next, sew the D-rings securely into one end of each strap.
  4. Fold the seat fabric in half with the right sides facing inwards and sew along three sides of it, leaving one end open for turning.
  5. Turn the fabric right side out and sew the opening closed.
  6. For your final piece of sewing, attach the D-ring ends of the straps to the corners of the seat fabric.


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How to make a sex swing stand

From 9Gag

Constructing a sex swing stand has been discussed in part, but not fully.

Above you have a sex swing hook hidden within a fire alarm, but stands won’t be this subtle.

For now, given the risks inherent in falling during your rumpy pumpy, it might be prudent to go with some household appliances that will surprisingly hold.

Here’s a list of some household items you can hang your sex swing on, which might save you some beans.

Household improvisations for a sex swing stand

  • Deer hanging frame
  • Yoga trapeze door mount bar
  • Acrobatic aerial stand
  • Aerial yoga stand
  • Vivere tripod hammock chair stand
  • Yoga sling inversion frame
  • Gym squat rack
  • Bamboo tripod

For physically making one, this yoga stand frame is built to hold us, and is essentially 3 long bamboos woven together. Maybe you could shorten it to go indoors.