How to undo her bra with one hand article

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How to Undo Her Bra with One Hand – 5 Subtle Steps


A common conundrum when either the left or right set of digits are preoccupied, knowing how to undo her bra with one hand is a highly useful skill in times of horniness, just like knowing how to make her horny quickly, or it’s back to your low priced Fleshlight – poor old bugger.

Fumbling and scratching around in the dark can be humorous but you can also be in danger of losing the moment, so better to nail this one on the head.

Do keep in mind though that not all bras fasten the same way, and practice will make perfect.

And don’t forget your partner’s comfort levels too.

So for a silky smooth, clumsy-free, bra-removing manoeuvre, read on.


How to undo her bra with one hand – 5 Steps


What you’ll need

  • A partner (or close mate for giggles to practice on)
  • An unassigned tender warm hand (few like cold hands)
  • A working clasp


Step 1: Feel around for the clasp


Man feels ladies top in foreplay

While you’re engaging in foreplay, you’ll want to locate the clasp – where you unhook.

It’ll either be in the middle at the front or the back, or very rarely elsewhere, like on the side under the arm.

You can use not just your hand, but your wrist or arm area to locate the clasp as we will be able to detect a plastic clasp with all our sensory nerve endings from these parts.


Step 2: Check the front


How to undo her bra with one hand - use thumb and index finger to detect front clasp
How to undo her bra with one hand – use thumb and index finger to detect front clasp of her bra.

It’s a 50/50 but it could be at the front.

You’ll feel the plastic clasp between the two breast pads either at the bottom or in the middle.


Step 3: Check the back


Step 3

If it’s not at the front, time then to run your hand up her back under her top most likely.

You’ll feel a thicker piece of fabric about 3 to 5 inches long in the center of her bra.

You’ll know when you’ve located the clasp, as you’ll sense a slightly raised plastic section.


Step 4: Remove bra tension



How to undo her bra with one hand - step4a



How to undo her bra with one hand - step 4b



how to undo her bra with one hand - step4c


Now that you’ve located the front or back clasp it’s time to get dexterous with those digits and remove the tension in the strap so you can unhook the clasp.

It won’t matter whether you’re going in with your left or right hand as this one hand bra-undoing technique works both ways.

Place your thumb one side of the clasp and your index finger the other side, and then slide your middle finger underneath the clasp to create a bridge over the top of your middle finger if you will.


Step 5: Squeeze & release


How to undo her bra with one hand - step 5
And Ping!

Now for the finalé.

With your free, tender warm hand grasping the fabric on either side of the clasp between two fingers and raised over your middle finger, gently squeeze your fingers towards each other.

You may also need to bring in your ring finger for a little extra push.

And hey presto – it should activate clasp release!

Practice on your mate for skits and giggles to hone your craft.

Or you can always discretely borrow a bra, wrap it around a mannequin or something torso-like to harness your skills.



1. She may be wearing a sports bra over the top which’ll require additional removal.

2. Or, she may be wearing no bra at all under her sports bra, which requires no unhooking method – result!

3. It may be a side clasp under the armpit, which can be wider and thicker but this same technique applies.


These how to undo her bra steps were partially derived from this YT video, with a bizarre macabre statistic at the end.