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Lelo Tor 3 Ring – [Updated] for Couples Capers & Solo Sessions


Vibrating cock rings are one of those should I, shouldn’t I products.

What’s a reverberating Arab strap going do in the long run except rattle your shaft senseless, right?

This is true, but if it’s quality, it’ll pulsate your balls, keep you on the edge (by you tweaking the vibes remotely) and serve a vagina owner too.

It really depends on your tipple, and what you plan on doing with it.

Here’s an overview if you’re not familiar, of how a vibrating cock ring might benefit you.

  1. Help you get hard
  2. Keep you hard (can trap blood)
  3. Pulsate partners clit + perineum (raise pleasure levels)
  4. Give a nice tight squeeze around the shaft
  5. Serve missionary, doggy + cowgirl positions
  6. Use in combo with small Fleshlight or Gush hugger
  7. Face inwards & pleasure jiggle your balls
  8. Wear under condom at base
  9. Double up for hammering vibes
  10. Wear under condom at head to treat him/her

Let’s take a closer look at the Lelo Tor 3 ring.


Lelo Tor 3 Ring review


The Lelo Tor 3 ring advertises itself as a couples vibrating cock ring, but it serves solo pleasure well too.

It’s designed to deliver satisfaction to both you and anyone else you might be pressed-up against.

With more vibration settings than its predecessor, this gives it greater versatility and its upgraded customization settings, means there’s more scope to experiment through the app.

To smoothen your ride, its body safe silicone material means you can apply one of your homemade H2O lubes or water based brands to this rogue ring leader.

Oily DIY concoctions and silicone lubes however are off limits, albeit it’s nonporous.


Lelo Tor 3 Highlights

 Stronger vibrations
  Luxurious material
  10 escalating intensities/ 8 patterns
 Serves 1 or 2 people
  Fits all sizes
  Versatile erogenous pleasurer
  IPX7 Jacuzzi-proof




How to operate the Lelo Tor 3

There are 2 ways of operating the Lelo Tor 3 ring.

First, once charged, press the plus button on the device to switch it on. Now on, press the plus button again to roll through the different motor intensifies.

This is how it’s controlled manually and in the dark, as the buttons are lit up, making it easier in some respects than negotiating a phone,

Alternatively you can use Lelo’s app as follows.

  1. Download their app from either Apple of Google Play, turn the device on manually which activates its bluetooth and then all the lights on the device blink in unison while pairing.

  2. Once found press connect, and it will ask you to confirm by pressing the plus button again on the ring.

  3. After that, go to My Lelo Toys and hit play. 

  4. From here you can choose 3 different control modes or select Settings to configure more modes. It’s pretty self-explanatory when you’re in.

  5. Don’t forget to Save your settings.


What can the Lelo Tor 3 do?

The Lelo app is not just an app to control the Tor 3, it’s also a kind of universal wellness hub, dedicated to human pleasure experiences.

You have 4000 + articles to browse through, a wealth of relationship guidance and an archive of erotic tales.

What can you do though with the Tor 3?

    1. Pulsate your partner – when you slip on the Tor 3, make sure the flatter, larger vibrating area is sitting at 12 o’clock facing away form you, ready to pleasure whoever comes into contact above your fella.
      If you were to spin it around to 6 o’clock and face it inwards, it’ll pummel your balls.

    2. Choose 8 vibe patterns/10 intensities – starting with a deep murmur to heavy oscillations, it’s an improvement on the 6 stimulation modes the Lush 2 offered.

    3. Wear it outside – as it holds charge for a decent time, it makes it a good travel companion, with no need for cables.

      You get about 1.5 hrs use on full juice and it takes 2 hours to recharge, and you’ll be able to operate it through the app while it’s wrapped around your Dilbert.


How to clean the Tor 3

Cleaning this quivering villain is a doddle.

Simply run it under a lukewarm tap, wash with some mild soap, dry with a towel and leave it to air in a breezy spot.


6 Tips for using Tor 3

  1. The Tor 3 responds in kind, when you shake your phone in the app.
  2. Twisting your phone or screwing it from side to side also dictates the Tor 3’s movements.
  3. “Boring” is a label on the app which allows you to use the 8 different patterns in parallel with 10 vibe intensities.
  4. Choose your favourite 1 to 3 patterns for customized workouts.
  5. Place it over a couple of fingers and use it to spread soap over your partners body in the shower.
  6. Use the drop-down menu to regulate the default auto-power settings to save energy. You can observe battery percent in top left corner.




  Adds a level of pleasure to lovemaking
  Can be worn 2 ways – inwards or outwards
 IPX7 for submersible action
  Convenient travel buddy -1.5 hrs juice + small
  Discreet but powerful motor
  1yr warranty


 Tor 3 ring intentionally fits a smaller snug (3.5″ fixed girth but stretchy)
  Could be even more rigorous