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27 Male Habits FTM Guys Form to Deal with Dysphoria



As one transitions on the outside, aside from packers, STP devices and binders, there are a number of male habits FTM guys form to become more male in voice, appearance and manner.

This can be how you carry yourself, your gait, stance, how you hold the shopping basket, to vocal training and a change of lingo plus much more.

That said, adjusting to such male mannerisms may have a detrimental effect on your energy and your well being, so at the end of the day,  as one reddit guy asserts, he transitioned to finally be himself and not to try to fit into a different cis-normative gender box.

However, there may be certain traits you are looking to amend, so below you will find a list of 27 male habits some FTM guys adopt to deyassify if you will – or reduce feminine mannerisms, and become more outwardly manly.


27 Male Habits FTM Guys May Choose to Adopt


1. Speak more monotone – try Trans Vocal Training and Jordan Ross Communication youtube vids. Here is a voice masculinization exercise video by Jordan.

And here is a voice masculinization video on the Trans Vocal Training YT channel.

2. Stand more evenly apart on your feet – guys generally have a wider stance as what they’re packing down below is an evolutionary sign of dominance.

Standing like this highlights their masculinity and team solidarity and it will make your appear more confident.

3. Don’t stick your hips out too prominently – practice centring your weight on both feet. This will help also to improve your posture, as an uneven posture leads to an unbalanced muscle strength and tension and your muscles over time will pay for it.

4. Spread your legs more when you sit – men adopt this position purely for practical reasons so as to avoid testicular compression from the thigh muscles.

5. Sneeze loudly – this in part is due to a man’s nasal dimensions and sinuses bit it’s also a pleasurable act.

6. Yawn out loud – this is less evolutionary and more for humour or because they can.

7. Reduce your pitch when you sneeze, cough or yawn – this will be down to your vocal capabilities.

8. Have a wider walking gait with feet slightly further apart – unlike holding a wider stance, walking is a totally different matter. Many people are duck footed or pigeon toed so not a great deal can be done here as it’s more a postural issue.

9. Studying, gaming or exercise with cis guys – hanging out with cis guys is the best way to morph into their mannerisms.

The Anime Smash game is popular across the board as is smoking pot, rock climbing, hiking, learning a language; there are many.

10. Nod at people (don’t wave)  in combo with a quick “morning!” when you’re up early – not exclusive to cis guys, you are however more likely to get a more formal “Morning!”, accompanied with an angled nod.

11. Saying ‘yo’ a lot can be more gender natural and fun – although some find it disrespectful and it’s really a time and place type thing.

12. Compliment folk on their appearance – when a cis guy pulls out a compliment, not that there is always an ulterior  motive, it often holds a some gravitas, although they’re unlikely to do it in front of someone’s partner, even if it’s meant innocently.

13. Make less effort hiding a burp or fart – maybe gender defining due to lack of manners, but in some cultures a loud male burp signifies a great a meal and is actually complimentary, but not so in the west.

14. Be direct and say exactly what you mean – this will help being more bold and confident.

15. Don’t let people pull you into their storms, reel them into your peace – men have little time for convoluted ways of describing things. This can also chew a man up internally and cause them to just say: “look, just get to the point please”.

There are also additional social reasons behind these behavioural-storms, as it’s often a way of making the topic about themselves, a slightly narcistic trait, that if left unchecked can have a detrimental effect on relationships.

Men are a good balancer of discussions and rather like to say it how it is. If too binary at times.

16. Carry the shopping basket in one hand – when shopping, hold the basket at full stretch in the hand and not in the crook of your elbow.

Or, get yourself a trolley and toss that shit in!

17. Try and drop your “customer service” voice on the phone – this doesn’t mean you have to grunt coldly like your nephew, just less fluctuation in pitch alteration. More monotone.

18. Don’t fuss about your appearance too much – shirt and shorts will suffice along with, letting your natural curls come out and growing thicker eyebrows.

19. Slow down your speech – although statistically men speak fractionally faster than women, depending on what part of the world you are from, slowing down your speech can imply consideration of thought and attention to detail.

It’s also easier for someone to understand you if hard of hearing.

20. Move out of the way less when facing a guy head-on in the shopping isle – not all guys are confrontational but there are plenty of alpha males out there who care about there physical space.

If it bothers you, hold your ground somewhat.

21. Move out of the way when facing a cis woman head-on in the shopping isle – some may call it chivalry, politeness, a way to offer a kind gesture and feel good about yourself. Whatever the determining factor, it is appreciated.

22. Cross the road when walking behind a cis women – who might feel threatened by your presence, especially at night or give a wide berth.

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself behind a cis women, heading in the same direction and having almost exactly the same walking speed.

What the hell do you do? Giving them a wide berth at a faster pace is one option, or if you are that considerate, cross the road entirely to allay their fears.

23. Try the The Chloe connection YT channel for getting rid of facial hair and the like – and for all things transformational, but more MTF related or Sam Collins for FTM discussions.

24. Walking with your chest rather than your hips – another confidence projecting mannerism. Pull your shoulders back also and stick your belly out.

25. Take fewer selfies – although cis guys are guilty all the same

26. Take up space unapologetically – almost all guys do this.

27. Just do whatever you want – nuff said.