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6 Ways to Help you Stand-to-Pee Better at the Urinals


Putting the days of being identified as a bloke in the ladies behind you is essential for your well being, although when it comes to standing to pee at the urinals in the gents, many guys still opt for the cubicle instead of deploying their stand to pee FTM device.

Of course, you are not obliged to stand and pee, many cis guys also opt for a safer enclosure at times and this is not all down to their confidence in whipping it out on a cold day, but because quite frankly, there maybe only one spot left in the middle and it doesn’t look all that appealing.

Plus many cis males freeze up when they’re in company so it’s perfectly natural.

Still, there will be many a time when the restroom is empty and and quite frankly it’s just easier and it shouldn’t really matter whether you have a device that can clip or not as many a male will stand there for a prolonged period of time after, draining out the remnants.

Of course hygiene is an issue but again at the end of a day, there will always be a little dribble in a mans undies and they have no way of preventing this so better to roll with it.

If cis men in later age could find a way to clip better through paying extra dollar for a magic cure, they would surely opt for this but it’s a luxury that doesn’t exists so there is no shame in taking your time.

However – and most importantly, it should take care of a whole chunk of your dysphoria.

The Unknown Positives of using the Gents Urinals

Before you open that door, be aware that the gents while most likely not as well kept as the ladies, is a quiet and non-intrusive place.

Men 99% of the time do not spark up a conversation in the men’s room.

In fact, if they go in with their mate, there’s an extreme high probability that they won’t talk to each other either – although maybe at the urinals for a bit of banter or around the hand dryer – but this is still rare.

It’s just not the done thing and this is the same across borders. It’s not so much cultural but an instinctive unwritten rule.


Well with regards to not talking to your mate it’s a strange one but you kind of want to get in there, get the job done and get out, it’s not a social spot (plus, given the conditions of some places).

Talking to a stranger however is a massive no-no.

Quite simply because if someone does strike up a conversation, you’re reflex thought will most likely be “he’s coming on to me!”

If you’re in a pub and you’ve had a few beers there might be a bit of argy-bargy but train stations, shopping malls, parks, public pit stops if you like – it’s virtually unheard of.

So whatever horrific encounter you may have experienced in the ladies, guys in general don’t give two hoots, even if they pick up on your exterior transition.

This is partly because they may not feel threatened and as stated – it’s not a place to you want to spend much time in so a conversation prolongs that.

Anyway, men are inherently black and white about their “chores” so no need to stress and  above all:

Men’s room etiquette is very little eye contact and in and out in a jiffy.

If you do get the odd stare when using your stand to pee FTM device at the urinals, it’s high chance it’s more curiosity or you’ve just made a friend!


6 Tips on using a Stand to Pee FTM device


1. Test out an STP device on the dog walk

Some people like to go in guns blazing having never tested their device out first which is brazen, but a tad over zealous.

Try testing it out in the privacy of your venture outside, give the ferns a good old dousing and see how your STP packer stands up to the test.

The catch 22 of an STP device is that for some men they need it to touch the skin to have a real impact on putting a dent in their dysphoria but as a result this causes you to sweat more, so see tips 3 and 4.

2. Part your lips

You can of course remove the device and part your lips with your fingers as many young FTM guys do before adulthood, but this time in the cubicle, which can really help with feeling like yourself.

You can then progress to finding a peeing packer that suits you best before facing the urinals.


3. Treat backflow accidents through a good adhesive

Pros-Aide (original) special effects glue for STP packers.

Some streams will have a ferociousness of their own.

Try easing up before letting go to avoid any back spill.

This of course though depends on the STP packer itself and how strong its adhesive is.

One adhesive that goes recommended on silicone STP concoctions is Pros-Aide.

It’s a special effects adhesive used for attaching fake moustaches, beards and for bonding foam appliances and other 3-D objects etc, and can be purchased for under $7 above, or maybe cheaper where you are.

Use cotton swabs to apply the Pros-Aide on to your skin and to the packer and let it dry off slightly and then press the device onto your skin.


4. How to make your Stand to Pee FTM packer stick

gendercat self-adhesive sheets

Following on from tip 3, as it can get a little humid down there, here are two additional effective methods to help your STP stay in place.

a) If it’s 100% silicone or silicone based, you should cleanse it first by wiping it down with alcohol which will allow the material dry out.

Not only does this remove the stickiness, contaminants and body oils, alcohol naturally removes moisture from the STP silicone skin faster and allows for a freshly dry surface to maintain stickiness more effectively.

Rule of thumb is generally to hold the packer against your skin for a few minutes until the adhesive starts to harden and sticks.

b) If you haven’t already applied any adhesive to your packer then Gendercat self-adhesive sheets are another option.

Rumour has it that they are not as effective if your packer has been through the wars with adhesives but a fresh packer – no problem.

These are more expensive (around $40 mark) but they should last 2 to 3 months.

Note: these sheets work best if you shave.

See – Gendercats self-adhesives


5. Get an STP Joey Pouch – no shaving

Joey O Classic $22.50 at FTM Essentials

Joey pouches provide an alternative to shaving.

With an accessible back opening for relieving yourself, you pop your STP packer in and secure it to the top of your briefs using locking pin.

These apparently work well with Number 1 Laboratory’s Sport model at $80, or the Emisil Prosthetic FL05 at $410.

Number 1 Laboratory’s Sport model

Emisil Prosthetic FL05
Emisil Prosthetic FL05

The latter is extremely pricey and while excellent at preventing any back spill, looking at both their designs there are a number of more affordable models out there that should sit well in a Joey.

The Emisil Prosthetic FL05 which is an excellent STP device, is a more affordable first class packer that will sit snuggly, or try any of FTM Essentials range that fall well below the above prices. Email prior if you’re not sure your model will fit.

Average size packers like Mr. Limpy, the Sailor, Masho and Mr. Right won’t be a problem.



6. A Peecock comfort harness for convenience

A Peecock comfort harness can be used instead of an adhesive, is more convenient and doesn’t require you to shave.

The upper flap part of your STP packer should sit right behind the waistband and remain pretty secure.

Peecock comfort harness for stand to pee FTM devices

They average around $30 – see here, or starting off at $15, FTM Essentials also cater for packing straps and underwear.

Some of their packers are gargantuan and far exceed the average humble male but should house a 3″ STP packer no problem – worth checking though via email on whether it fits your choice of device.



That’s it folks.

Through taking these additional steps, you should finally be able to write your name in the snow!


Source: Susan’s forum