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Sizegenetics Real Results – 3 Personal Success Stories


The following testimonials arise from a community of  Sizegenetic forum user’s where their Sizegenetics‘ real results are shared by the 50’000 plus members, gaining an insight into the time it took and the improvement achieved in length/girth through the daily use of this typical type-1 penile extending device.


3 Sizegenetics real results from personal enlargement stories

1st SG Results Story – Peter


Name: Pete Kirshaw


Time Duration: 4 mths

Original Measurement:

a) 4 inches flaccid
b) 5 inches erect

Gained Measurement:

a) 5½ inches flaccid
b) 6¼ inches erect

From Peter’s testimonial he goes on to state that when he first bought the device he didn’t think it would work because he’d tried other enlargement programs and nothing had helped.

After only approximately 4 months he has seen his penis gain a full inch in length to 5 inches when flaccid, and 3/4 inch gain when erect..

The device is very simple to use and unrecognizable when being worn, and with the exercises provided  – these help increased his gain.

Pete adds: “I know this is only the start of my enlargement but I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen over the next few months!”.


2nd SG results story – Jon


Name: Jon Galvin


Time Duration: 4 mths

Original Measurement:

a) 1.75 inches flaccid
b) 3.75 inches erect
c) 4 inches girth

Gained Measurement:

a) 2.75 inches flaccid
b) 5.5 inches erect
c) 4.5 inches girth

Like most people Jon was sceptical when he came across the device.

He’d taken natural Viagra pills and tried other devices but nothing delivered any tangible results.

When he came across this device on the Internet he immediately checked it out and after reading the other penis enlargement success stories and medical approvals, he was convinced, so he ordered the system and it’s additional material.

He found the device very easy to use and the instructional DVD provided many of his answered questions. Finding it comfortable to use, he has been wearing the device for 2-3 hours a day, 5 days a week.

After only just 3 weeks he stated that he began to see the first results.

Jon adds: “This just made me into a believer and I’ve now been wearing this device for just over 4 months. Not only have I noticed the improvements; my partner has too. My confidence levels I must say are much higher and life’s all good!”.


3rd SG results story – Jermaine


Name: Jermaine


Time Duration: 3 mths

Original Measurement:

a) 4 inches flaccid
b) 6.5 inches erect
c) 5.25 inches girth

Gained Measurement:

a) 5 inches flaccid
b) 7 inches erect
c) 5.75 inches girth

As you can see Jermaine started this penis enlargement program at 4″” flaccid and at about 6.5″ erect. His main goal was to focus on his girth so I he began using the girth exercises provided in the DVD tutorials.

After using the program for little over 3 months, however not consistently due to the nature of his work, he gained about 1/2 an inch of girth and went from 6.5 inches when erect to 7 inches.

His girlfriend he adds: “Loved the sex before this but now she absolutely adores it!”.


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