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Snowflake BJ Masturbator: Excellent Inhale-Exhale Deepthroat Wrap

The Snowflake BJ masturbator arrived in 2022, and is still one of the best vibrating meat beaters, that can pretty much replicate the complex oral muscle movements involved in the art of swallowing.

The best BJ machines might shoot up and down your column at the speed of light, but they don’t determine the sensation. The sleeve inside does that.

The Snowflake features a powerful suction pump that simulates real gulping.

As you insert, the Snowflake withdraws, exhaling, causing the inner sleeve to shrink and squeeze around your member; while powerful vibes slam your crown.

When you click the “one-click-orgasm” button, you engage max-suction with max-vibration.

And if you want it even tighter, click the “exhaust” button, and every last drop of air is ejected from the Snowflake, forcing the sleeve to hug you like a mad bastard.


Snowflake BJ Masturbator


Height/diameter: 8.5″/3.27″
Weight: 0.58kg
Insertion length/girth:
5.1″/5.0″ flexible
Functions: 3 suction/4 vibration/1 click-climax
Battery life/charge time: 85/90 min
Use charging: yes
Volume: <55db
Material: TPE/ABS case



  Swallows – like a pro
  Pressing EXHAUST button – crushes beam 
  3 Suction motions – pull on shaft
  4 Vibration modes – hammer frenulum
  1 Click climax button – max suck & vibe combo
  Hard shell (ABS plastic)
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Operating the Snowflake BJ masturbator

Well, operating the Snowflake is a breeze.

You have 3 buttons at the top of the LED screen.

  1. Vibration
  2. Sucking
  3. Power

And then a button below the screen for your One-click Climax!

There’s a powerful suction pump inside simulates the lifelike swallowing sensations, and there are 3 of them – from a small like inhale to a giant gulp.

If the suction isn’t enough. there’s an eject seat, or an “exhaust” button located on the back.

Pressing this releases all the air in Snowflakes chamber, causing the inner sleeve to collapse in on itself, squishing and squeezing your fella into submission.

The 4 different vibration frequencies which run in concert with the swallowing, become stronger the deeper you delve, with your head and frenulum being the main beneficiary’s.


How does the Snowflake feel?

Snowflake’s tunnel as you can see, begins wider on entry and then tapers in before tapering out again.

Or, it looks like a King piece from a chess set.

Ribbed from start to finish, you must lube this white TPE skin texture with a watery lube – No oils or silicone moisturizers on this throaty material.

Your own H20 brand or a DIY one will be ideal.

It’s incredibly succulent the Snowflake and outsells itself when someone else or a mount of sorts (see below) is gripping it.


Experiencing Snowflake hands-free

If you’re as stiff as a board, the Snowflake might balance on your pecker hands-free.

If you’re in need of some assistance though, one fix would be to put her in a DIY Fleshlight holder or even slot her in a homemade onahole mount

This way you can experience Snowflake lying on your back, with your arms behind your head, at peace with the world.

Spooning sex toys like the Snowflake can be easily accomplished by just placing her in between two or three pillows, at working out your comfort.

You could even ride Snowflake on your knees using pillows.


Cleaning the Snowflake

Cleaning the Snowflake is straightforward.


  1. Pull the sleeve out.
  2. Run it under a warm tap.
  3. Wash it using hand soap.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Dry.

The whole process is identical to washing and drying a Fleshlight sleeve.

Drying TPE requires dabbing it down with some kitchen paper towel or a bath towel etc and then just leaving it to air dry in a non-humid environment.

The removeable sleeve is so very supple, and super easy to cleanse.



  Perfect (inexpensive) deep-throat wrap
  Authentic swallowing motions
  Exhaust button rocks!
  3 concentrated sucking modes
  4 vibration patterns
  Removeable sleeve/easy to clean


  5.1″ not long enough for all
  Snowflake makes a bit of a noise


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