The History of Penis Enlargement

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History of Penis Enlargement: How far have we come?


In Africa around 1800 years ago, what’s known as the practice of hanging weights began to gain popularity in several tribes, just like comfortable penis extenders have.

Some say this practice dates as far back as ancient Egypt, where the pharaohs themselves used it to increase their sexual fulfilment by stretching the phallus.

By hanging weights you are simply hanging devices on the end of your penis in order stretch the tissue while compromising the penis shaft.

This archaic way also results in inadequate blood circulation within the penile cells, depriving them of their much needed supply of oxygen and additional nutrients mandatory for their survival.

Safer, less drastic and dangerous methods were however also developed for male genital enhancement in ancient times, but with minimal effect.

One is these ways was to ingest herbal aphrodisiacs. Offered by Chinese herbal medicine, the vast selection of treatments included Yohimbe and Ginseng, which are still marketed today to improve a mans penile dimensions and help increase his sexual appetite, to little known affect.

Patches, pills and topical oils developed in today’s market will contain one and/or a mixture of these herbs to help supposedly aid natural and painless penile enhancement but unfortunately while they can help increase blood flow to the shaft, they won’t increase reach and girth.

Aside from helping with libido, these herbal treatments often provide a defence against illnesses like tuberculosis, diabetes, kidney disorders and heart disorders – which like the pomegranate extract-filled capsules used to build stronger erections – will offer their own health benefits.

Ancient Arabic civilizations also favoured a great interest in penile dimensions. Arab boys were given lessons in the penile exercise of Jelqing when they came coming of age. Jelqing is when you massage your semi-erect penis in a rhythmic and regular fashion, increasing the blood pressure in the shaft.

The effects in length and girth of this technique appear in approximately one month, provided that it is done correctly and consistently.

And finally, in the history of penis enlargement – in the early 20th century, the penis enlargement device was invented by an Austrian called Otto Ledever.

This marked the beginning of the use of modern equipment in this area.

The penis enlargement device gradually stretched your penis over a period of a couple of months, providing cell tissue growth in length and girth, and is far safer than hanging weights and much more effective than Jelqing each day.

Throughout the history of penis enlargement, with prolonged use, these devices have shown to provide the safest and most permanent results.

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