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Hardy Telescopic Auto-Masturbator: A Feisty Handheld Affair


The Hardy telescopic auto-masturbator is Bestvibe’s best selling handheld male pleasure machine.

Not to be confused with the Handy, one of man’s fastest BJ machines, the Hardy is a third of the price and performs a similar task, albeit with less oomph and mechanical brawn on the same terrain.

At almost 5 inches in depth, it’s a decent sized sleeve and it proffers a girth of almost 4 inches as it’s designed to grip and stretch into submission.

Because it’s handheld, you can apply the Hardy to any location on your member, and shifting through its telescopic gears it delivers 3 types of rubs.

Cheaper than a full sized 9″ Fleshlight, and more on par with an affordable Fleshlight in cost, you might lose out on fully engorging your phallus in this open-ended stroker, but the kicker is it’s motorized and you can jump in the shower with it like the new Lovense Solace.

With an hour and a half runtime, a soft silicone sleeve coated in your favourite DIY water-based lube or Fleshlight lube, plus manual stroke positioning with three power settings, the Hardy illuminates man’s most primitive pleasure.

And it hums and purrs below 55DB, so it won’t make a racket.


Hardy Telescopic Auto-Masturbator review

“A telescopic pressurized auto-stroker”


Best for: Pulsating throaty ripples & gliding.

Insertion length: 4.27″ (8.42″ total)
Girth: 3-5″
Rotation speeds: 3
Battery life: 90 mins
Charge time: 150 mins
Use while charging: No
Waterproof: IPX5/showerproof
Material: Silicone/ABS



Hardy highlights

  3 rubbing frequencies – will bring most men to the boil
  Affordable price – for 90 min of pressurized stroke action
  Open-ended – makes clean-up a breeze
  Retro design – works the penis cavernous zone
  Silicone sleeve – glides up & down over 4″ like butter




What does the Hardy do?

The handheld Hardy quite simply glides up and down 4.27″ of you on your chosen length.

Manual adjustment makes this auto-cup masturbator easier to mange than the larger Tenga cups which while closed at on end are too big for some.

The Hardy does what it says on the tin with 3 pressure frequencies.

Hold the power button down for a couple of seconds and the machine will kick into life.

Form there it’s convenience as a male pleasure toy switches into full effect.


Showerproof & sleeve cleaning

IPX5 waterproof, means it’s two steps away from going under water, so it’ll perform well under a powerful rainfall shower.

Subsequently, this makes cleaning the Hardy super easy as it’s open ended and only requires some warm water with some neutral soap to rinse this bad boy clean.

Not dissimilar to cleaning and drying a Fleshlight, you can also improve its suppleness by soaking the sleeve it in some warm water before use.

You could even heat your lube up which is one sure-fire way to make a stroker feel better.



 Affordable handheld auto-stroker
 90 mins of remote fun
 Stretchy silicone sleeve hugs most girths well
 Great fun under the shower
  Easy to wash & hide
  Good telescopic travel buddy 


  Not IPX7 waterproof, won’t go underwater
  Not for bigger girthier guys
  Open-ended so less suction
 On tame side to a high-end BJ machine