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The Morgan Open-ended Portable Thrusting Machine review


Thrusting & rotating on 7 different frequencies, the Morgan open-ended portable thrusting machine cup as some call it, is a fifth of the price of the best automatic BJ machines, and it still packs a decent punch with a 5.5 inch love chamber, emblazoned with more than 80 knobs and angular ridges.

Girth wise, it’s made to measure at 1.82″ in diameter or almost 6″ in circumference, but that’s not accounting for the patterns that jut out, so it’s more like 5″ around, which is suitable for the average guy.

There’s no need to go into great depth with the thrusting Morgan machine as it really does what it says on the tin.





What does the Morgan do?

The dual action Morgan thrusts and rotates at the same time.

As you increase the up down tempo, the circular motions speed up and swivel around your fella in concert.

On max speed you get one hour of twisting juddering entertainment, in a either a wet or dry arena of your choosing.

If you like edging and want to hit pause to pull you back from the brink, just tap (not long press) the On/Off button. The up and down buttons control the 7 thrusting and 360 degree rotating speeds.


Warming up your Morgan

Before getting yourself in the mood, you can bring your sleeve up to body temperature by immersing it in some lukewarm water, an old trick that Fleshlight enthusiasts use to make a stroker feel way better.

However, to warm up for the Morgan you’ll need to lube up first – try a Fleshlight lube or a DIY water based one as the Morgan sleeve is constructed of mixture of silicone and TPE, so no saliva, oils or silicone lubes; and then you’re good to slip your wick in and hit play!

Morgan’s Feel

It’s designed really, to replicate more of a throaty feel than one of a smooth moist vagina, with its 4 textures laid out such a fashion that are akin to the pattern of a windpipe.

Some of the best BJ toys, not to be confused with a BJ machine like the Morgan, are not too dissimilar in feel as well, so for less than the cost of a bona-fide oral Fleshlight sleeve, you’re still getting 5.5 inches of full-on fellatio action, but on auto-pilot!

All in all, a rigorous workout tool that is also great fun to use on your partner.


Waterproof Travel Companion

The Morgan open-ended portable thrusting machine is completely waterproof, not splash proof like most magnetic chargeable auto-strokers are, so you can take it with you in the shower or even the sauna, for some hot sultry action.

That’s not to say you can’t pop it in its bag and bring it with you when you go for a walk in the woods, to serve your outdoor fetish.

For an extra three bucks they throw in a cock ring, however making a DIY gentlemen’s necktie isn’t tricky.


Cleaning & drying the Morgan

Being open-ended, this caters to those who don’t fancy getting into a messy cleaning process.

The sleeve slips out easily and you can just run it under a warm tap and rinse it with a neutral hand soap like you would wash a Fleshlight sleeve.

It’s a good idea to dry a silicone sleeve properly, preferably in a dark, non humid and cool, airy environment.

Weight wise, the Morgan isn’t heavy, just over half a kilogram or 1.32 lbs.



  1 hr runtime
  5.5″ depth pleasure sleeve
  7 sucking & pirouetting speeds
  Completely waterproof is gamechanger
  Discreet travel bag
  Decent 1st time machine without high cost


  Noise may ruffle a few feathers
  Not a beast of a BJ machine