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7 New Lovehoney Vibrators 2024 | Affordable, Battery-free & Submersible


Lovehoney have been in the vibrator industry over ten years now and during this period, they’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge from their thousands of shoppers.

Roll on 2024 and todays new Lovehoney vibrators are somewhat different from a decade ago.

Avant-garde, sleeker and lighter, these pocket friendly pleasure trips resemble more of a Henry Moore sculptor than a sizzling assassin.

But don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

These anthropomorphic bad boys might look smooth and cuddly, but with ten year’s worth of science behind them, their flat grooves, pinpointed tips and sculpted palette’s are intentionally created to heighten your pleasure outings.

Mostly battery free (magnetic charging), submersible and made of silicone, a homemade H2O lube or one of your own water-based lubricants wouldn’t go amiss.



1. Lovehoney’s Indulge

The G-spot and clitoral suction stimulator by Lovehoney, better known as Indulge, is another hugely popular vibrator of theirs for 2024, which comes with a twist.

It delivers blended orgasms.


By working the G-spot and clitoris in unison.

Orgasms engineered through G-spot stimulation tend to feel different from clitoral orgasms.

Clitoral climaxes feature more rhythmic pulses, whereas G-spot orgasms can be bigger and an all-over-body encounter.

Indulge by Lovehoney works both angles, delivering a paradoxical affair.

Runtime is 90 mins. It’s showerproof (not bath-proof), and it has a circumference of 4″ at its widest. Each arc curvature measures roughly 3.75 inches in length.

Truly one of their greatest inventions.





2. Ignition Finger

The Ignition Finger by Lovehoney is selling like hot cakes right now.

Under 40 bucks it’s affordable and seamlessly slips onto a finger, where you can titillate any erogenous zone of your choosing.

Christened the Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Finger, bit of a mouthful, it features twenty different buzz settings – 3 speeds, 17 patterns.

Its storage bag comes with a travel lock, should anyone be likely to rummage through your handbag.

Submersible, rechargeable, silicone and 3 inches long, the Ignition Finger will go flat out for 100 mins.





3. Clitoral Rose Sucker

With over a thousand reviews left since its release, Lovehoney’s Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator features 10 air pressure levels, emitting a range of soft to hard pulsations.

The top petals of the rose detach for an easy cleanse, and with a magnetic charger, this waterproof device won’t require any batteries, which means it’s very light.

Run time is 65 mins, circumference wise it’s pretty thick at 7 inches, and it’s 3 inches long.

Lovehoney’s Rose also comes with one of their travel lock bags for personal protection.





4. Tongue Teaser

This next edition of new Lovehoney vibrators features a sleek shoe-horn design, measuring 4.25 inches in length.

A travel friendly flickering massager created for external pleasuring, its magnetic charging case keeps it as light as feather, and it offers 4 speeds with 6 vibrating patterns.

Great for solo of couples play, this palm-sized skin toned tongue teaser comes in a cylindrical silver case so it won’t raise any eyebrows sat on display.

Firm but flexible, you can jump in  the bath with this lifelike licking wonder.





5. Pleasure Point

Similar to the Tongue Teaser above, Lovehoney’s new Pleasure Point is a silicone, magnetic charging vibrator, that sits on a white mount (where it charges), and is housed in a silicone container during breaktime.

However, dissimilar in design, this hammerhead shaped vibrator pummels larger surface areas than other models listed here.

Once the fun begins, you get 90 minutes on full charge with the Pleasure Point in either an aquatic or land based setting.

Included is Lovehoney’s trusted travel lock bag for privacy purposes.

Four speeds, six pulsating patterns, it’s a light, sleek, petite personal massager.





6. Pleasure Trip

Like the Tongue Teaser and the Pleasure Point, the Pleasure Trip is exactly the same spec but obviously shaped differently.

Like an ice-cream cone tapered at the tip, this smooth bevelling if you like provides a flat curved finish for those areas that seek pressure.

Available in purple with 4 speeds and 6 patterns, you can take this travel friendly rogue swimming or wherever you deem appropriate.

The Pleasure Trip is really a pleasure tip.





7. Secret Wonder

Of the new Lovehoney vibrators on offer, this ten-pin bowling shaped gizmo is their mini secret wand.

Inspired clearly by the classic Hitachi Magic Wand, this bad boy is a little longer at 4.5″ from those featured here, and its bulbous head clearly has one major erogenous zone in mind.

While firm, the head’s neck is still pretty bendy and will accommodate sharper angles.

It’s velvety, smooth silicone skin, will ravish many one of your erogenous zones.