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Penis Packing: 7 Tips & Tricks to Packing Penises


Whether flaccid or hard, penis packing has become more popular of late with the lions share of demand led by the transgender community of female-to-male (FTM) seeking comfort in the male anatomy, whether for playing around with the idea of gender, altering gender expression or helping to deal with gender dysphoria.

Cisgender males who’ve lost some or all of their genitals through accident, often in combat, may also wear one, while many FTM’s wear penis packers as it helps them read as male.

Wearing a penis packer is for many empowering. Having the ability to present a physical bulge outwardly can be a powerful experience and provide cohesion with your own internal image.

So when it comes to placing and wearing a penis packer downstairs, here are 7 tips and tricks worth noting.

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Penis Packing – 7 Pointers


1. Get a harness, not advisable to let it sit freely down your undies

Well, strictly this isn’t true but it’ll be an uphill battle trying to contain your choice of packer.

Packers come in hard or soft form, rigid or flaccid if you like yet the rigid ones are malleable with a bendable core inside that can be used for “hard packing” or sex.

You’ll want something that can be worn discreetly.

An STP strap is handy (see vid bottom of page). Good for under boxers or going back to nature.

Harnesses or specific packing clothing are a must although jock straps can work.

A jock strap worn over a penis packer within a harness will proved double comfort while allowing you to flip it out (while still in the harnesses ring) over the top of the briefs to engage in whatever.

2. Be cautious over hard peckers

The constant reverberations that the packer will inflict against the skin can cause chaffing and abrasions.

Having one that can switch from soft to hard and vice versa will obviously cost more but is much kinder on the sensitive skin around this area.

3. Are you allergic to latex or PVC?

PVC it should be noted cannot be sterilized hence the use of silicone or TPE for devices like love dolls. People also suffer from latex allergies so to be on the safe and sterile side, silicone packers are advised as they are simple to clean, can be sterilized and are non-porous. You can boil silicone to clean it for no more than 2-3 mins. Can be stuck in the dishwasher if need be.

4. Don’t go too large

Yes it might be tempting to go Jamaican but you’ll be the one manhandling it around.

Stick to a packer proportionate to your size. Penis packers come in many shapes and skin colors along with circumcised or not.

5. Always clean & use a little corn starch

At the end of each day even silicone or TPE will need some cleaning as it begins to take on your personal scent. 

Apparently, rubbing corn starch on your packer should keep it smooth as well as it being good for your skin.

Used on sunburns and to help reduce itchiness, aside from the lube and other products retailers might try to upsell you, some simple corn starch can work wonders.

6. Bear with the feeling of wearing one in the initial stages

Packing can feel super-odd in the beginning. Wearing a jock strap as advised earlier can however be a tad uncomfortable.

Do some trial runs at home, up and down the stairs, perhaps a quick jaunt down the newsagents.

In order to help alleviate your body dysphoria, you’ll want to make it feel as comfortable and natural as possible.

Practice all the usual movements you carry out daily: sitting, lying, standing, dancing.

7. Get used to adjusting it in public

In earlier times men would freely shuffle with their components yet, perhaps for good reason, a man seen clasping slash repositioning his shaft and boys in public is not so common today.

It was perhaps an open mannerism of projecting masculinity in the past –  a good old grab and jerk, but is now carried out more discreetly. It is perfectly acceptable however in many parts of the world to be allowed a little realignment. Especially when sat.

*Air your Packer! Additionally, always treat your packer with respect.

Try not to leave it in an unforced position and free of any debris and always give it room to air.

When kept away discreetly always allow it the freedom to breathe.

Penis packers begin as low as $10 to $15 and one in this price range will normally suffice in the flaccid form, while the more you spend, the more varied, comfortable and customizable they become.

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