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How to make your own STP Packer?


Scouring through some of the main trans forums – on price, non-stickiness and the fact it doesn’t lose colour over its first couple of uses while displaying decent longevity, the MASHO appears to be one of the 10 best FTM packers which again, doesn’t have to be doused in corn starch regularly to keep it nice and smooth.

So on these merits alone, for FTM folk looking to conjure up a personally built STP packer for themselves, without constantly trying to reposition your purchased STP package, the MASHO will be used in this example of how to build your own STP packer.

Often to solve the positional issue, wearing some compression shorts which are available at men’s athletic stores may fit the bill here but before going into tips on how to create a more bespoke fitting, making your own STP packer may be the ultimate route to tailoring your packer to work most effectively.




How to make your own STP packer at home


Objects required

  1. 1 normal packer – a 3 or 4 inch MASHO will suffice.
  2. Medical rubber tubing 1/16th inch thick for flexibility with  opening diameter around 1/2 to 5/8th of an inch.
  3. 1 rubbery/bendable baby medicine spoon.

The above materials if they can’t be located at home may set you back no more than $10 on eBay and a MASHO packer an additional $15 but already you have the materials present in a $50 to $60 STP model.


Instructions – 9 Steps

Step 1. Mark the centre of the front of your packer with a dot and the centre of it at the back.

Step 2. Heat up a screwdriver or a skewer ( a tea towel may come in handy) with a lighter or something and then press through the packer beginning at the tip of the packer down through to the base. It should pass through like a knife through butter. Do this outside to avoid inhalation.

Step 3. Immediately after this, run cold water through the new hole in the packer. This will allow more stretch once the tube is inserted and also stop the packer disintegrating on initial use.

Step 4. Pass the tubbing through the packer leaving excess tubbing either end hanging out for now.

Step 5. Cut the end of the plastic baby spoon off leaving 1 inch of the stem of the spoon.

Step 6. Feed the stem of the spoon into the tube opening at the base and position the spoon over the urethra and then practice in the shower or somewhere getting this location just right. You shouldn’t have to glue the stem of the spoon into the tubing as it should hold and it helps cleaning it a lot easier, however some do.

Step 7. Then when satisfied with the set-up, snip the tubbing off just after the tip of the penis packer – not flush with it as while it may look better, again it makes cleaning it less efficient.

Step 8. Next, the tubing may require a little superglue top and bottom within the packer to stop it slipping down, but literally a rain drop will suffice. That way it should still come apart should you wish to take to clean it.

Step 9. Finally, you may want to remove the testicles that come with your packer so it sits better.


Source – this thread

It should end up looking something like the above image around where it sits under the urethra, but this maybe too small and you might prefer the more jellyfish-like mollusc shaped transparent rubbery moulds below.




4 Tips for tailoring your homemade STP packer


STP homemade packer without a prosthetic

1. While a baby’s medicine spoon may work here, something softer and more malleable will make a difference.

Something bulbous and rubbery with a tube leading off from it  – here’s an idea how it might look when made at home.

These transparent vulvic looking cups are made by

One type of product which may suitably match this design are silicone anaesthesia face masks which you can find on Amazon – they look like some kind of silicone mask or urinal mould.

You will then need to adapt your tubing accordingly.

Silicone anaesthesia face mask

2. Alternatively, as sitting down can be painful you could also try a type of syringe that is used as a baby medicine dropper.

The large rubber pipette could be sliced in a crescent fashion to fit snuggly beneath.

Large pipette  

3. Silicone STP packers nicknamed the Boa, Python etc which you can search for are cheap and work well for creating your own STP packer.

4. Having a little trim down under will help tailor it to a better fit.



4 Ideas for what & where to get a decent STP prosthetic

  1. Silicone STP packers are touted as the best.

  2. The T-men’s junkshop create some genuinely authentic looking STP packers – see their shopify store.

  3. Don’t try to be too ambitious, men are only 3 to 4″ flaccid. Any larger may elicit unwarranted looks in the gents.

  4. Some compression pants are not just good for the figure but they provide good support for packers and STP prosthetics. Check out athletics stores. Under Armour is one such place.


Che 2&1 STP Prosthetic by T Junkshop
This is the Che 2&1 STP Prosthetic by T Junkshop


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