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Pomegranate juice for ED? A New Type of Penis Pill


It’s now possible for almost all men to engorge their manhood safely long and short term, the former through either a comfortable penis device or by a new type of penis pill – one extracted from the pomegranate fruit – creating a pomegranate juice for ED (erectile dysfunction), although in more concentrated form.

Men who suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) or having a smaller penis, may have low self confidence.

So while there are plenty of brands in the market that claim to help guys enlarge their manhood, obviously most of these are hoaxes that may deliver some serious treatment effects or nothing at all.



Pomegranate juice benefits for men?


Known as the synergy or a compound effect, considered a natural Viagra, pomegranates are scientifically proven to provide harder and longer lasting erections due to the phytochemicals present in the pomegranate.

Completely natural and therefore, absolutely risk free, these pomegranate based penis pill do not come with any treatment effects, rather the antioxidants present in the fruit help increase the blood flow around your manhood.


What’s known about Pomegranate juice for ED


1. The use of natural pomegranate juice for erectile dysfunction has be known for sometime.
2. By enhancing endothelial nitric oxide levels this directly impacts atherosclerotic changes associated with ED.
3. The juice from pomegranates contains potent polyphenolic flavonoid antioxidants known as anthocyanins.

These anthocyanins were tested on a group of men in the US who were observed over a one month trial where one half took a concentrated measurement of the pomegranates anthocyanins.

In short they found it easier to rise to the occasion.

Just like drugs used to treat impotence, the anti-oxidants raise levels of nitric oxide, thereby relaxing blood vessel walls.

Pomegranates being the symbol of fertility in Greece, research at the University of California in Los Angeles confirms that pomegranate has a great potential for treating erectile dysfunction and helping you speed up your penis enlargement program through a traction device.

Promising news given the anthocyanins present in pomegranates will also add to overall improved penis health and an increased vitality in your libido.


Pomegranate alternatives for ED


However, one practice that is endorsed by doctors as opposed to penis surgery where over 94% of operations have resulted in penis deformities, is clinically proven and medically approved.

Highly effective when it comes to enlarging the size of a mans penis, a simple comfort device works at increasing both your penis length and girth.

The traction also strengthens your penis tissue, which in turn will provide a healthier penis.

These mechanisms are quite unique, as they prove to be extremely effective and comfortable to an extent.

You can have the ability to enlarge your penis shaft by up to 35% in the space of two to three months and this doesn’t mean exposing your body to any unnecessary risk.

But wait, what if you don’t want to wait that long for the results to show?

What if you want to see quicker results?

Is there a way to ramp up the beneficial effects of a reputable traction device ?

Yes, by combining the use of a traction device with a new penis pill on the market that is now known to speed up the results by more than 50%.

Or alternatively, if it’s just your ED you wish to treat, this is where they can have a real impact, whether it’s a  physical or situational issue.

If pomegranate juice for ED doesn’t appeal to you however, for shorter term expansion – try a recommended penis pump.