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sizegenetics 58 way comfort systemSizegenetics Extender Review – a Medical Type 1 Device that helps correct the curvature of a man’s penis as well as improve overall length and girth – has been on the market for approximately 20 years now and has had a revamp.

Labeling itself as an amazing 52 way comfort-strap-system, it can quite easily be worn under your clothing without detection and over the course of the past two decades, comfort is size genetics number one key priority.

A clinically tested medically endorsed penis enlargement system, real user testimonials can be viewed here where only real reviews are left from real customers who receive the product for free upon supplying photographic evidence (discretion guaranteed).

Clinically proven traction device

Enlarge your penis by inches Impressive 2,800 grams of tension

New 2020 advanced comfort system Genuine customer results

Advised by doctors 100% 6 month MBG

It is true that such devices are treated with much skepticism, however the fact that SizeGenetics have remained a key player in this male health niche is testament to their credibility and customer service.

Having featured on multiple media outlets, this traction device if treated with discipline and applied on a daily basis, it will help you achieve a reduction in curvature and gradual expansion in girth and length.

SizeGenetics Review


Why should you choose SizeGenetics?

As a means of non-invasive penile straightening, there is no other device except perhaps the Phallosan that will deliver the results that only penile surgery may achieve, except without the dangers and risks not to mention the cost involved in these procedures.

A quick introduction into the dynamics of its latest 2020 design – what used to be a 16 way comfort system, is now a 58 way comfort system which essentially means there a 58 ways in which you can choose to wear the device in terms of helping you achieve the most comfortable position.

As you can see in this video, the penis goes through the loop at the base of the device and then the strap is secured to the head.




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It’s entirely up to you how long and how fast you would like to achieve results, but as you can see it’s a spring system which places tension on the head of the penis which causes cells to stretch and regenerate hence the production of more skin cell tissues resulting in enlargement.

Wearing a device such as this one on the penis day-in day-out might appear a rather jagged instrument to be placed on such a sensitive organ, but this is why SizeGenetics are at the forefront of this technology providing you with 32 different ways to adjust it to your preferred choice of comfort.

Bear in mind that in order to see significant size change it must be worn for at least 1 month and for convincing change in appearance – at least 8 to 12 weeks.

In terms of results averaged across user testimonials, expect to see about half an inch in length from wearing it 3 to 4 hours a day over the course of two months.

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There are a number of different packages available, however with the full package you received the full 58-way comfort strap system + some extras which include a months supply of the male extra supplement which essentially helps increase the blood flow to the penis, so more beneficial for men with diabetes and other low blood circulatory conditions.

free size genetics offer

Additionally, all packages come with a 50 dollar discounts as of December 2020 or free if you provide a video testimonial after a certain period of time, and the larger package comes with a set of DVD’s which demonstrate how you can conduct various penis exercises to help increase the rate at which this device works.

So if you opt for the largest of the three deals on offer, you tackle your penis condition in a 3 pronged approach.

That’s to say you take the natural stimulant pills that will increase blood circulation

Use of the traction device to be worn each day

Conduct a set of male exercises through following the videos which explain the advanced technique of penis jelqing.


In total there are over 80 pieces of equipment that include custom devices that prevent chafing, various straps and cushions for perfect comfort and all the gizmo’s that complete their latest 2020 product.

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