5 Best Amateur adult web cams sites in the US for authentic performers


Top 5 most popular web cam sites in the US for amateur webcammers
Top 5 Amateur adult web cams sites in the US


Looking for amateur adult web cams can be a slog. Adult webcam platforms used to be the domain for all, the masses, anyone could rig up and then get a little naughty and earn a few coins at the same time, but now the market seems to be flooded with professional full-timers clogging up the networks and preventing originality from flourishing.

A lot also seems to be recycled or the same models are spread across cam sites sometimes under different pseudonyms, therefore sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a chore. Finding stuff which isn’t scripted is part of the appeal.

Live amateur adult web cam shows feel natural, authentic. Cam stars or regulars on the other hand can feel a bit stale and contrived. So where are the best spots to source just normal girls having fun with their mates or alone?

Digging a little deeper, in terms of how much search traffic they all receive over the course of a given month, which can be a little tricky to fully extract, but going by trusted SEOBook.com, the top 5 sites in the US which receive the most interest – ie searched for the following specific search terms – are:

1. Stripchat – 330k/mth
2. Livejasmin – 300k/mth
3. Chaturbate – 200k/mth
4. Flirt4free – 125k/mth
5. IMLive – 91k/mth

Going to Google Trends and exploring these 5 sites further and observing the US interest over the last 12 months, the picture looks a little different:

Interest over time Top 5 searched for adult cam sites in US past 12 months

And here’s a look at how they’ve performed over the last 5 years.

Interest over time Top 5 searched for adult cam sites in US 2021 over past 5 years

You can see from Stripchat and Chaturbate that they are just about on the same trajectory just different interest volume, with interest still growing.

As defined by Google Trends, this is interest shown not search volume, otherwise Stripchat would sit above Chaturbate for their respective search term going by May 2021 results, 330k and 200k respectively.

Anyway, the point being should you be seeking new faces each day and not the same old performers, then Stripchat then Chaturbate are the two best amateur adult cam sites in the US for amateur models.

1. Stripchat

Stripchat number 1 in US search

Stripchat is riding the wave 2021. News just in from Crowdfund Insider, Stripchat reported over 400 million users last month. That’s more people than North America, quite something.

Apparently that’s down to Stripchats AI-powered ‘analytics’ which helped it reach nearly 1billion new users in 2020.

UFC fighter Nick Diaz has also teamed up with Stripchat to offer self-defence classes to cam girls.

They also approached cash strapped Inter Milan football club with an offer of a $25m shirt deal which it’s believed was rejected.

User-driven XXX forum Stripchat started as a joke and is now valued at $14 billion, with 20% of model pay outs now being executed via cryptocurrency and only very recently did it see its record breaking single tip of $100’000 completed with a crypto deposit. That’s one model down then :/

Using Dogecoin as a payment method you can still watch thousands of people, mostly normal amateur people and of course some hardened performers for free. It’s just the privates where more goes down – at a cost.

Most interest appears to be from Madagascar, Columbia and Costa Rica, but globally it has made an impact. Especially in the US, India, Russia and Venezuela.

The most loved cam sites by models, Stripchat won cam site of the year 2020 at the XBIZ Europa awards.

Striking while the iron is hot, Stripchat are setting out on various business ventures but they are only growing as their models are treated well – here’s an example of a cam girl who earns $8.5k mth – 18 year old Imissamy.

Visit Stripchat


2. Livejasmin

Livejasmin number 2 in US search

Livejasmin feels like it’s been around forever but the numbers don’t lie so it must still provide a good living for many.

That said, traffic has dropped from 300m to roughly 150m since October 2020 (perhaps they just stopped buying traffic) with many of the women coming from India if they are your tipple.

Here you will find many professional Indian models with multiple Indian subgenres but it has lost its authentic Indian performers. To be clear a lot of the Indian models now are legit live sex cam performers – or of Indian descent, unlike the amateur desi (desired) girls that once occupied Livejasmin.

As is often the case it starts out for the masses, but successful models normally stick around and the place sort of then becomes a bit stagnant – but there are still plenty of other nationalities who spend time there too.

Livejasmin pay models higher rates than other Indian cam sites which might be the main reason, so come with deeper pockets if you opt for the cam to cam and two way audio feature. The quality of these girls though should feel like money well spent.

You can still lurk for free in many of the softer amateur rooms though.

Visit Livejasmin


3. Chaturbate

Chaturba number 3 in US search

Chaturbate is massive and still growing. You can get by on hiding in the shadows for the most part but obviously the privates require some joint capital if in a room with others or one-to-one.

Much goes on in public though and you’ll find all sorts, even in the Indian section if Livejasmin doesn’t appeal to you, where there are plenty of desi girls doing stuff dirtier than the Ganges.

It’s probably one of the friendliest websites for casual voyeurs. Privates are not so much a thing here as most takes place in public chat rooms.

Those with sole financial incentive will have targets but you can still freeload should you not wish to throw coins at them but obviously your requests will go unheard.

It’s the juggernaut in this industry but with Stripchat closing fast expect potential changes in the future, for the better hopefully as the competition in the industry ramps up.

Visit Chaturbate


4. Flirt4Free

Flirt4free number 4 in US search

Again, feels like another old timer but their new interface has pumped some new life into it.

Unlike Livejasmin, their cam to cam feature is free. Two way audio comes with their private shows and they also have a big Indian fan base and large trans community unlike a few years back.

It’s more of a horny chat website that can lead to other things, so less Chaturbate more of a direct messaging platform.

Voyeurs will spend a good deal of time here. Models take home a 20-30% cut which is at the low end but less competition can lead to a steady income.

Stripchat fyi pay performers 50-60%, Livejasmin 30-80% and Chaturbate is currently fluctuating but more than here.

It is relatively cheap here for the viewer where models from lower income countries feature and charge roughly $0.90 a minute.

Cam to cam and their two-way video feature are free to use or you can also go private should you wish to purchase some special time.

Visit Flirt4free


5. IMLive

IMLive number 5 in US search

IMLive apparently have reduced their cut to models to just 12.5% – modern day slavery.

However, it is reported as one of the best trans cam sites and they do offer top notch gay porn shows if you fancy – definitely a popular spot for amateur adult web cams.

Similar to Chaturbate in look and feel it clearly doesn’t however match the numbers but it’s still chugging along and has established itself as a safe pair of hands so to speak.

They also have a multi-cam feature which allows you to watch up to 5 models at once.

They provide bulk token purchases where you get up to 25% off the regular price for whatever show you’ve immerse yourself in.

IMLive as far as one can tell do not allow open free nudity, no cams are in HD and their rates are so so, but some of the models are stunning, and while it’s lost it’s pizzazz a little in the female department, alternatively it’s become quite a big player in the trans and gay arena.

Visit IMLive

Bottom line

While the numbers don’t lie in terms of how many people search for these cam sites each month, the most popular 3 right now for models and voyeurs alike, would be Stripchat, Chaturbate and BongaCams. You can read about them here.

You can also try CrazyCash for more of a hybrid type platform – a bit like vk.com but where things are allowed.

For your interest, here are a list of most of the current cam sites and how they fare with Google search volume over a mean month in the US only:

Stripchat – 330k
Livejasmin – 300k
Chaturbate – 200k
Flirt4free – 125k
IMLive – 91k
Bongacams – 47k
Adultcams – 31k
Cam4 – 18k
Myfreecams – 13k
Cams (.com) – 10k
Slutroullete – 5k
Camsoda – 3k
Sex messenger – less than 500
Jerkmate – less than 100
Sex emulator – less than 40
My free gay cam – less than 20

While these are an average figure on exact match searches in the US per month, they should come with a healthy pinch of salt.

Missing any platforms? – pls advise.