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How does a Sex Doll Skeleton move? Doll poses exposed!


,How does a sex doll skeleton move you may ask and what positions can they perform?

Understandably, you’ll want your sex doll to be able to mimic some of the best sex positions for much mightier, earthier orgasms, but can they pull off the reverse missionary, sitting position or a rear entry manoeuvre.

Let’s take a look at how a sex doll skeleton moves and what poses they can muster.

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How does a sex doll move?

The metal skeleton structure of a sex doll comprises of several simple stainless steel joints and over 150 “bones” and counting, the more advanced doll you choose.

These allow for a countless number of humanoid poses that should suit your needs perfectly.


Shoulder joints

The shoulder comprise of two joints that allow the dolls arms to swing forwards and backwards and inwards and outwards with an almost 360 degree scope.

Arms can be raised vertically and shaped into any number of positions, for example your friend can kick back in her I’m the boss pose with her hands behind her head, while you take the lead.


Elbow joints

A sex dolls elbow joints are more flexible than a humans, and they can perform feats of dexterity that a human’s can’t.

The forearm will swivel in full circle on some dolls while others are more akin to the natural body.


Hip joints

Like a human hip, sex doll hips will move back and forth, outwards and inwards with smooth tension, allowing you to pry her thighs open in a human like fashion, where silicone skinned dolls will stretch and morph super anthropomorphically.

Waist joint


Just like the human waist, a love doll’s waist joint will allow your doll to sway from side to side and back and forth, so she can lean over and perform all sorts of manoeuvres on her standing feet.


Ankle joints

Dolls inhabit slight movement of their feet from left to right, as much as a human can muster, while they can also stand on tip-toe or curve vivaciously to allow for a foot rub.


How to loosen stiff TPE sex doll joints

When your TPE doll arrives the joints and skeleton will be stiffer than once you’ve had your doll for a few weeks.

This is in part due to everything being new and shiny and if it’s a TPE doll, then because their skin is quite oily so it doesn’t crack or tear in order to provide years of use, depending on how it is packaged or stored by you over the long term, oil may have shifted to remote areas and away from the joints.

What you’ll need:

  • A 2 to 3″ syringe, wide enough to inject oil
  • Some TPE doll oil, mineral oil might be one option

How to unblock stiff TPE sex doll joints?

  1. Inject your oil filled syringe into the joint which is blocked, but don’t touch the dolls skeleton as you risk breaking the needle.
  2. Massage the injected area and let gravity do its thing by leaving your doll for a day so it can soak into the joint.
  3. If it’s still squeaking, then go another round.

Note: Silicone dolls must not have oil injected into their skin as silicone and oil should never be introduced to each other as their concoction creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

This video may come in useful for treating silicone doll joint blockages.


What sexual positions can a love doll perform?

A sex doll can perform many sexual deviances so the skies the limit when it comes to inventing new pleasures, and they can be positioned in various ways to cater to different preferences and desires.

Some common positions will include:

1. Missionary: This is a classic position where the doll lies on its back, and the person can engage in sexual activity while on top or in between the doll’s legs.

2. Doggy Style: The doll can be positioned on all fours, allowing for penetration from behind.

3. Cowgirl & in reverse: The doll can be placed in a sitting or straddling position, allowing the person to engage in sexual activity while the doll is on top.

4. Spooning: The doll can be positioned on its side, allowing for intimate contact from behind.

5. Oral Sex: The doll’s mouth can be used for oral stimulation, providing a realistic experience. It’s important to note that the range of positions may vary depending on the doll’s flexibility and design.


Love dolls for a disabled folk

A love doll skeleton, or any type of sex doll, can be customized to accommodate different positions based on an individual’s needs and preferences.

For a disabled person, the doll’s skeleton can be adjusted and positioned in ways that provide comfort and accessibility.

To ensure the best possible experience, it is recommended to consult with manufacturers like Best Real Doll, or retailers who specialize in creating customized sex dolls for individuals with disabilities.