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Lovense Lush 3 review – New ChatGPT Feature + Firmer Hugging


The Lovense Lush 3 came out in 2021 and is an improvement on past designs, including it’s new “fixed tail”, advanced bluetooth reach and stronger motor.

However in July 2023, Lovense introduced a new ChatGPT pleasure feature, currently in Beta mode and free of charge to Lovense app users who like to have stories read to them or their patterns written by AI.

This applies to all Lovense app remote-controlled devices, even the male toys like the Solace BJ machine or the GUSH tip hugger.

It will dream up your fantasies – as per your chosen characters and locations, and as tensions rise, the faster your Lovense toy’s reaction will be.

You can dictate which mood you’d like to be in, so you might say: “I’m lying on a hammock under tree by the beach, bring me some relaxing sea pulses”.

Or you can create your own story with your chosen protagonists, adding settings & plot, for example: “Tell me a tale about how a pilot invited me to have sex with him on the plane and what he did to me at 30’000 feet”.

2024 may see the release of the Lush 4, but for now, the Lush 3 is Lovense’s most prized remote control vibrator.


Lovense Lush 3 review

This Lovense Lush 3 review takes a closer look at its revamped design and how it delivers as a whole, three years down the line.

In essence, the Lush 3 attends your clit and its insertable part works your g-spot.

Many women let it sit in their panties without inserting it, while others prefer its G-spot service.

It’s an amazing toy but which erogenous zone does it serve better?

The short answer it’s down to the individual.

But if you were to base your choice on anecdotal reviews, the Lush 3 is better if you’re wearing it out and fancy some public play, as when fully inserted, you just have the antenna coming out sitting on your pubic bone, making it ultra-quiet; quieter than the Dolce, a similar Lovense brand .


Lush 3 Highlights

 Stronger vibes
  Comfier & quieter
 Better long distance connectivity
 Discreet to wear
  4.5-5 hour runtime
  Store (unlimited) patterns for later
  *NEW ChatGPT pleasure feature





How does the Lush 3 work?

Popularized by cam girls and ubiquitous with couples, the Lush 3 is still a scintillating toy for solo play and a naughty little device to try out discreetly in public or work on your climax denials.

The Lush 3 is more comfortable than the first Lush, with its form-fitting but flexible curve wrapping around you more securely.

It’s controlled through the app on your phone or tablet, and it’s the Lovense Remote app you want on either Google Play or Apple, not the Lovense Connect app.

Sign up for an account and give it access to your Spotify music if you so wish and turn your bluetooth on.

Once in choose “add toy”. Make sure the Lush 3 is turned on and it will find it.

For adding people, choose “add people”, put in their username and hit connect.


The device itself has one button you use to turn on and off, located on the external end. Hold down for 3 seconds to turn on and off.

You can also cycle through the different vibrations, one tap at a time.

The app though is where your bespoke settings take place and it’s mostly self-explanatory, but you can try the vid below if you’re unsure.


What else can the Lush 3 do?

1. Set an alarm – for when you want to be turned-on

2. Can be sound activated – through your own voice

3. Take control – of “all” of your long distance lovers features

4. Send patterns – that are already created by you or AI

5. Send pictures, audio or videos – to your online lover

6. Playback – past pleasure patterns

7. Read you stories – through unique ChatGPT feature

8. Have AI design patterns – with tailored music

9. Sync to Spotify – & pulsate to your beats


How to clean the Lovense Lush 3

The Lovense Lush 3 is made of body-safe silicone material, and although silicone is nonporous, it’s advised you steer clear of any DIY oil based lubes or your own oily brands, and choose a water based lubricant or a homemade one.

To clean, simply run it under some warm water and wash it with a mild soap. Pat down with a towel and air dry after in a cool, ventilated, discreet place.



  Profound clit stimulation
  Great long distance connectivity
 Be controlled while out & about
  4.5-5 hr battery life
  New ChatGPT skills
  IPX7 aka bath-proof
  1yr warranty


  Doesn’t save chats; don’t delete app if you want to keep conversations
  Not rigorous enough for some internally