Original Men’s Fleshlight – Authenticity lives on

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Fleshlight Quickshot – New from FleshLight

WARNING: Video’s of Quickshot in action below contain explicit material

Introducing the new Fleshlight Quickshot, featuring the same revolutionary technology, only more compact and easier to clean up!

Available in two colors – the clear Quickshot Vantage and the black Quickshot Boost – the Fleshlight Quickshot is made with two open ends for boys who don’t like to clean up their toys.

For only $43.95, roughly $30 cheaper than the Fleshlight Pink Lady and the Fleshlight Go, it matches the same service as the “lady stamina training unit”, which when released really did take it up a notch.

fleshlight go and quickshot compared

Quickshot rundown:

green tickDesigned for maximum pleasure with or without your partner

green tickCreated for a new intensely satisfying experience

green tickNon-anatomical

green tickEasy to clean

green tickOpen-ended


For $29 more the Quickshot comes in both the Vantage or the Boost “combo pack” which essentially includes a bottle of Fleshlube water lubricant and their very own Fleshwash so as to keep your men’s pleasure toy clean and fresh.

As you’re probably aware, this company offers discreet shipping and is argued to provide genuine outstanding relief from their patented men’s pleasure designs.

One of the advantages of the Quickshot is that it gives your bell-end some space as the glands at the end of the penis can become overly sensitive using the all in one Fleshlight in the case, so this seems to solve the whole “it’s too sensitive to keep pumping” issue.

The ice clear sleeve of the Vantage will become a little stickier as in the case of the Fleshlight Ice as this is the inevitable result of having no color in the material, however the advantage is, is that you can see what’s going on.

The Boost comes with a black case and a metallic silver sleeve, with an almost identical feel to the pink sleeves but with a hint of a different shinier texture and coated with powder.


The inside diameter of the case measures 1.8 inches and the circumference of the device is 5.89 inches.

The outside which you grasp measures close to 2 inches, but the surface you hold is the logo area which measures close to 1.25 inches.

Sex tips for using the Quickshot:

1. Place it all the way down, close to the base of your penis while your lady is sat on top riding you up and down, this will provide an extra stimulating stroking sensation when you continue to enter her.

2. Get some flavored lubricant and get her/him or yourself to stroke it up and down while they blow you off helping to deliver magical head.

3. When used in combo with a vibrating cock ring the sensation will be “intense”.

Fleshlight Quickshot’s key positives:

green tick Perfectly suited for hand-jobs

green tick Acts as a buffer for those seriously well endowed

green tick More convenient for travel than alternative models

green tick Excellent stamina training tool

green tick Can last twice as long as the hand Fleshjack

green tick Leads to stronger climax

green tick Difficult to tell when you climax

green tick Nice compact design

green tick Easy to clean up

Fleshlight Quickshot’s key negatives:

red cross Doesn’t feel as tight as the Fleshjack Butt

red cross Some rub’n’tug so will need lube

red cross Could provide different types of ribbing inside

red cross Less texture for feel

WARNING: This video show’s explicit content of a couple using the Quickshot in action

WARNING: One amateur video posted online contains explicit Quickshot action

quickshot vantage and boost combo offer


new quickshot collection by fleshlight

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