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Teardrop Sex Torso Lima: NEW 3-in-1 Bootylicious Bell-Breasted Lover


Love torso’s offer much more than a love tunnel in a torch. 

Similar priced Fleshlights are travel friendly and discreet but you can’t clench them like you would a lady’s derriere, go hands free (unless you buy or build a mount), and your positions are limited.

Pale bubble butts and brown bootie hips are the next step up, but they obviously don’t include the top half of their physique, so you’ll be missing in this case, a youthful pair of teardrop breasts.

Tanned, Lima has two 6″+ love tunnels that – when doused in a watery lube, create their own atmospheric pressures.

She’s not too heavy at 5kg, lighter than a low cost love doll, and obviously cheaper and yet she’s still weighty enough to remain still while you ride her.


Teardrop Sex Torso Lima

Height: 13.7″
Weight: 5kg
Insertion length:
Girth: varies
Material: TPE


  2 Textured tunnels (smooth bobbles + jagged valleys)
  Hands-free/missionary/grip/spoon et al.
  Lifelike TPE labia minora
  5kg keeps her moored 




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How does Lima feel?

Teardrop sex torso Lima’s two tunnels which are both just over 6″ are lined differently.

Her poonani features three sections.

On entry the first third of her tunnel is decorated in pleasure particles, surrounding the whole inside wall, which makes spooning her delicious.

You then pierce through a knobbly tight section of about an inch to then reach the final department, roughly the remaining two-third’s.

This is violently jagged and designed to cross-examine your member.

Lima’s derriere is also a wild ride. Like the great Ganges from way up high, she weaves a treacherous path, snaking much more as you close in on her finale.

DIY H20 lubes are a must as are all water-based lubrications (for pleasure toys).

No oils on Lima, saliva or silicone lubes as while she’s made from supple skin-like material, nasties will always find a way to linger – even on non-porous TPE, but you can hop in the bath with her!


Cleaning & drying Lima

Cleaning Lima’s a breeze as you can blast her with a shower jet and spin her upside-down and empty the warm tap into both her orifices.

Do make sure you wash her thoroughly with a natural/non-invasive soap.

Cleaning a silicone doll is much like cleaning and drying a Fleshlight given the material.

Once you feel all is cleansed, be sure to find a cool, breezy spot with low humidity.

Strong paper kitchen towels, fans or cool air hairdryers can help speed up Lima’s drying process. 

Store her in an airy location.


Tips for using Lima:

  • Wear a thin condom to avoid a full cleanse.
  • Warm her up by inserting a Fleshlight/onahole warmer or immersing her in some lukewarm water beforehand.



  Young wet sultry nipples
  2 Textured 6″ love holes 
  Good tunnel suction
  3-in-1 toy + full bodied curves
 Multiple hands-on/free positions
  Waterproof & easy to rinse


  Tight for girthy fellows
  May get sticky if you don’t dry properly




(20% off at Bestvibe with discount code MP20)