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NEW Bestvibe 700 Strokes per Minute BJ Machine review


Back in April, Bestvibe released a new BJ stroker that joined the ranks of the very fastest auto-BJ machines.

Only the Handy and the Leten Pro go as fast as Bestvibe’s new 700 strokes a minute masturbation device, and fortunately it’s half the price of both models.

On first viewing it’s a little heavier than the Handy, as it’s clearly influenced by its design, so its ergonomics and masturbation speed marry ok, however should you wish to use it hands-free, you can build a Handy mount, wedge it between pillows or even wear it in the shower as it’s IPX6 waterproof.



Bestvibe’s NEW 11-Strokes-sec BJ Machine




11 strokes a second
Detachable vibrating egg
5 Stroking speeds + 10 vibration patterns


Holds 3rd party sleeves but not full-size Fleshlights
Around 40min on max-speed
Not interactive

Bestvibe’s 700 strokes-a-minute BJ machine is best suited for head and upper shaft treatment, although you could replace the sleeve with a Quickshot type Fleshlight for open-ended action.

It either encompasses your glans, half-wraps your fella or fully swallows your buddy, stroking a full 3 inches of you from the tip down, all the while immersed in almost 5 inches of moist, super-fleshy pleasure.

Definitely lube this bad boy, some DIY H20 lube will do or your own watery brand will be ideal..

Homemade oily lubes or silicone ones or even saliva is best avoided on this transparent blue silicone super-skin.

 What you get  Product x1, charging cable x1, remote control x1, manual x1
 Material  Silicone sleeve/ABS shell
 Insertion length  4.7″
 Girth  5.6″ flexible
 Height/diameter/weight  9.1″/6.6″/0.8kg  
 Power/battery  USB rechargeable/charge time 60m/runtime 60m
 Waterproof  Yes IPX6 showerproof


How does Bestvibe 700 BJ machine work?

You have 4 vertical buttons:

  1. On/off button – long press
  2. Vibration button – 10 modes
  3. Speed button – 5 speeds
  4. Travel/pause button – scale strokes one tap at a time, long press to pause and pull you back from the brink.

Great for edging, you can hit pause anytime either on the device or using the remote control which accompanies it.

The vibrations are emitted from a vibrating egg which slips under the hood of your sleeve and pulsates your crown in ten different patterns.

Teetering between mild humming vibes and deep heavy pulses, using the egg alone is not a bad way to commence, once your sleeve is nicely warmed up of course prior to proceedings, which you can do by dropping it in some warm water for a few mins to bring it up to body temperature..


  • Turbo fast 11 strokes per second .
  • 5 different stroke speeds & lengths with 3 inch max stroke distance.
  • One waterproof vibrating egg with 10 different massage patterns.
  • Soft, durable, elastic oral textured silicone sleeve.
  • Showerproof & mountable.


How to clean this machine

Being IPX6 waterproof, it means you can take the whole shebang in the shower with you and wash it there after pleasure time.

You needn’t buy any specific silicone toy cleaner, just rinse your sleeve under the tap with some warm soapy water and your watery lube and after’s will wash off no problemo.

Like cleaning and drying a Fleshlight, you’ll want to make sure it’s free from any damp after cleaning, so try and find a cool, dark non-humid spot that’s pretty airy.


Tips for using Bestvibe 700

  1. Warm up your sleeve – like improving a Fleshlight experience, drop the sleeve in some lukewarm water for 5 mins and then pour in your lube (which you can also heat up in the microwave).
  2. Use your own onahole – if you have your own sleeve, provided it’s not too tall, wide or heavy, you should be able to strap in your own pleasure tunnel.
  3. Build a mount to go handsfree – you can try building one of these DIY Handy mounts as this machine’s the spitting image of the shape of the Handy. 


Difference between Bestvibe 700 & The Handy

Inspired by The Handy BJ machine, but a hundred bucks cheaper, the Bestvibe 700 obviously doesn’t quite match the Norwegian dong slayer in all aspects, however on speed it’s on par, albeit with slightly less oomph so to speak, plus it has a battery and a vibrating egg!

It isn’t interactive though, doesn’t run on a more powerful brushless motor, won’t hold heavier strokers, and won’t stroke 5 inches of you – only 3, so there are some drawbacks.

But if you aren’t comparing the two machines and are simply after a reliable machine stroker that strokes a fairly good length, is quite robust and comes with a bonus vibrating bullet housed in its sleeve – a double-whammy combo the Fleshlight Vibro first introduced which rallies intense vibration patterns around the bell – then the Bestvibe 700 delivers on its mission.