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Leten A380 Pro review – Fast 1st Class Airbus Size Auto-Stroker


The oversized pistons in the Leten A380 Pro are a clear indicator of what this auto-masturbator’s intentions are.

Released in 2022, this review reassesses the latest version of this a mammoth 12 inch auto-stroker that could well sit among someone’s model spacecraft collection and none would be the wiser; .. until they sat it on their fella that is, and hit lift-off!

The A380 Pro 3rd Generation has largely flown under the radar in some parts of the world, and has had a number of updates since its first flight.

In short, the A380 is a powerful auto-stroker, which strokes up and down your shaft on your chosen patch, at almost 6 strokes a second.

That’s faster than the Keon and the Fleshlight Launch which are two of the best BJ machines, while it costs far less – more than half the price to be precise.

It’s not as fast as the Handy or its cousin, the Leten Thrusting Pro – which is open-ended, but it’s by no means shabby at 6 strokes per second and it handles 6.7 inch schlongs with aplomb. 


Leten A380 Pro review

Best for: good telescopic speed + adequate stroke length

Max strokes per/sec: 5.8 (350min)
Telescopic stroke length: 3″
Thrust levels: 5
Insertion length/girth: 6.7″/5.5″ flexible
Height/weight: 12.5″/1kg
Batt life/charge time/use charging: 1.5/3hr/yes
Waterproof: IPX5 (showerproof)
Heating temp: 43°c
Volume: <45-65dB
Material: TPE/ABS case


 350 strokes/min – on 6.7″ max members
 5 Telescopic thrust speeds – with dual-piston cylinders
  10 patterns – to customize massage
  360° Rear cabin fever– pressurizes crown in air rib 
 Flight attendant service – with vocal support & window seat
 Auto-heating – one-touch warmup (maintains 39-43c)



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How to use the Leten A380 Pro

There are 5 buttons on the Leten A380 Pro:

  1. Heating (steady 39-43°c)
  2. Voice (synchronised moaning + short press to turn on/off)
  3. Speed up (short press to increase stroking) + (long press) One-click climax + Max stroking frequency)
  4. Speed down (short press to decrease stroking)
  5. Power/Thrusting (long press turn off/on) & start thrusts + Stop thrust (short press)

Obviously you will need to hold the Leten A380 unless you’re as stiff as a poker, so for some hands-free action, you could build a DIY Fleshlight mount for it although they might not be robust enough, so one of the Keon mount methods would probably be wiser.

A homemade onahole holder created from pillows and designed for spooning, or a blanket crafted in a way which resembles the Meiki Plush hips could be another hands-free option.


A380’s Three Pleasures!

  1. Plump sensual entrance is both tough & elastic.
  2. Passionately auto-stretches up & down shaft. 
  3. Pressurized rear air rib tightly clamps bell.


How does the Leten A380 Feel?

With hundreds of smooth knobbly particles littered through the circumference of this 6.7″ love tunnel, its feel you could say is bobbly.

On entry you’re greeted with a semi-white translucent vagina which is a little bulbous but bubbly, however as you proceed through the love lips, it’s like walking into a corridor lined with bubble-wrap.

But its feel is much more anthropomorphic than plastic bubble wrap packaging. 

Super succulent when lubed, there are a millipede of grain sized granules for stimulating friction.

Definitely lube this long love tunnel. Use a water based lube like a homemade one or your own H2O brand. No oils, saliva or silicone on the A380 TPE sleeve.


Cleaning the Leten A380 Pro

1. Remove the sleeve. The sleeve is double layered. The pistons drive the outer sleeve up & down over the inner sleeve.

2. Wash the sleeve thoroughly under tap with some mild soap as you would clean a Fleshlight.

3. Dry the sleeve down with kitchen paper towel & airdry until bone dry. Here are some Fleshlight drying methods which are applicable.

4. Slot the sleeve back in the A380.




  Bigger than you think it is  
  5 Thrust speeds
 Heats to human temp
 10 patterns
 Magnetic recharging
  Easily dissembled & cleaned


  No mount for hands-free fun (see diy’s above)
  Not bath-proof, but showerproof
  Not interactive



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Comparing sleeves housed in an auto-masturbator as opposed to the best full size Fleshlights, which are then housed in a machine is a bit like comparing apples with pears.

In some cases their strength and stroke positioning is curtailed somewhat by their design, although in the A380 Pro’s case, stroke strength isn’t impaired, only targeted stroke location is. You have slightly less range.

If you’re after one of the best machine thrusters or auto-strokers that’s housed completely in a device, as opposed to a separate onahole or Fleshlight that sits inside a machine for VIP service, then the Leten A380 Pro fits the bill beautifully.

You’ll also have a fair bit of cash left over.

Should the new auto-swallowing masturbators appeal to you, for a similar price Leten’s new auto-onahole might be more up your ally, but they’re generally an inch shorter, a different journey and less turbulent than the A380 Pro.