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7 Sex Doll Features Disabled Folk Should Consider Before Buying


One in four adults in the US are living with a disability, which means 62 million people are faced with daily physical challenges that can lead to loneliness and isolation.

Common misconceptions also compound the stigma that surrounds a disabled persons relationship to sex.

Contrary to belief, disabled people:

  • Crave intimate relationships
  • Are frivolous in the sack
  • Like to be both dominant & submissive
  • Have the same sexual fantasies as abled bodied humans
  • Are hot too

However, roughly 56% of disabled people find self-pleasuring a challenge and 63% have difficulty using their hands, so the ergonomic design of those buttons on the best BJ machines will be of no use.

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There is a huge untapped market still for these products and also for something completely new. Especially until they find creative legal ways to bridge the gap from disabled people wanting sex, to actually having sex.

And sex dolls are proving one popular option.

They don’t require any special gripping modifications as your arms and legs can be used to orientate them, and many of their features are now tailored more for disabled needs.

They are lighter and have vibrating orifices which you can press against and they can be removed for cleaning.

And it’s features like these that you should take into account before a buying a sex doll if you are disabled or are buying one for someone who is, to see if it’s the right fit.

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7 Sex Doll Features Disabled folk should Address before Buying


1. Weight

Know which weight you feel most comfortable manoeuvring about.

This list of popular partial and full-sized sex dolls, priced roughly from fifty to a thousand dollars feature dolls from 5kg up.

The taller the heavier plus they may inhabit more features, but they can be tailored to your requirements.


2. Movements

Be sure your sex doll poses cover your required positions.

Flexible joints worth considering include the shoulder, hip and waist joint.

However, their stainless steel frames are largely ubiquitous across manufacturers now, containing around 150 “bones” and joints.

Missionary, doggy, spooning, cowgirl and in reverse, plus oral are all positions they can sexually assume.


3. Heating

Are you sensitive to the cold? Consider a friend which warms up and you up for cosier cuddles.

Pricier models may feature an inbuilt heating system, while a more affordable option would be a heating rod placed within your chosen chamber. These can be used on your Fleshlight too.


4. Removeable orifice

Non-removeable orifices take a bit of physical work whereas non-fixed love tunnels are quicker & easier to cleanse.

Dragging a 40kg sex doll into the shower with you or erecting her on a stool takes manual work, so having a removeable love honey and other extractable orifices, saves a lot of physical exertion and time.

Any DIY water based lube or your own H2o brand will wash off under warm tap water with a little soap. Cleaning a silicone sex doll is fairly straight forward.


5. Speech

You may wish to talk to your love doll partner or hold philosophical conversations like Harmony can.

If she’s stretching the wallet too much, sex dolls do also come with voice boxes that emit moans and groans and the waves of pleasure sounds.


6. Hands-free use

Some disabilities like cerebral palsy make it hard to hold certain things.

Getbumpn (formerly Handi) created a hands-free hugging device called the Joystick ($249), that lets you slot in your personal toy be it a vibrator or penis sleeve like the Blowmotion does below, while you hug its cylindrical pillow for grip.

Sex dolls are a similar embracing shape and provide more room for hugging, allowing your arms and legs to wrap around them, unlike a torso or an incomplete sex doll physique.


7. Standing feet

People whose bodies experience deep aches and pains may yearn for weightlessness.

Having her stand or squat in a fixed position, will help her avoid placing any pressure on you.

There are accessories like metal hanging hooks, that can alleviate their weight, and swings and ropes which may come in handy.