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Leten Thunder review: 2-in-1 Pocket Pussy + Vibrating Cup


The Leten Thunder doesn’t stroke you like the Leten Thrusting Pro does, or massage you with 2 pulsating airbags like the new Leten Hatana can, but it does shudder like thunder which is its job – to replicate a proper arse-tapping ride.

If derriere’s are your thing, you have gripping white buttocks and bouncing brown beauties that are more “hands-on”, but they’re more expensive and larger, and harder to explain away.

This portable bootie-shaker is discreet, affordable and services old Stevens with hip shaking judders at a press of a button.

Like a spooning toy, users do like to place their Leten Thunder between two pillows and then lay on their side for some relaxing hands-free oily gyrations.

You could mount her in a DIY Fleshlight holder if you wish, so you really can kick back like a boss.

A homemade watery lube or your own H20 brand will be the icing on the cake.


Leten Thunder review


Height/weight: 7.4″/0.4kg
Insertion length/girth:
Features: 10 vibration levels
Battery life/charge time: 45/60 min
Use charging: yes
Volume: <55db
Material: ABS/TPE
Waterproof: yes/IPX6


  One click climax (hold 2’s max shaking)
  10 Vibration frequencies
  Modern motor with pure copper shaft
  6 Interactive couples modes
  Synchronised voices (multi-actress rhythmic dubbing)





Operating the Leten Thunder

It’s basic but pretty powerful the Thunder, and that’s why user’s generally buy it.

You have 3 buttons:

  • Speed up (2’s one click climax mode)
  • Speed down
  • On/Off (2’s to power on/off)

The speed buttons determine the 10 different vibration frequencies, however if you download the app, you then have access to 6 interactive couples modes:

  1. classic
  2. shake
  3. draw
  4. video
  5. musical
  6. interaction



How does Leten Thunder feel?

As you can see below, the Thunder’s ribbed from tip to toe with deep ribbed grooves.

Obviously lubricating these ridges is paramount to your experience.

Oily diy lubes won’t compliment this tender super-skin without damaging it. Only water based ones will.

She’s built to scale – 1:1. Her labia and chamber are extremely lifelike, as decent Fleshlights are today.


How to clean & dry the Leten Thunder

Cleaning this ABS/TPE sleeve requires just a basin, lukewarm water and some hand soap.

Don’t use any oils, saliva or silicone lubes on this love tunnel.

Try the Fleshlight cleaning method if you’re unsure. 

Thunder’s sleeve flops straight out of its vibrating case, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet although it is shower proof, so you can go ahead and wipe it or wash it in the shower with you after your aqua workouts.

Drying the Thunder also falls under super-skin drying methods, like Fleshy drying techniques.

You do have to be thorough here as even non-porous silicone/ABS/TPE blends might still be affected by oils or damp.

Airdry in a breezy cool, non-humid, lightly lit spot.





  Very affordable vibrating pocket pussy
  10 sonic frequency levels
  6 couples playing modes
 Synchronized vocal rhythm (voices gee you on)
  Long distance (app) engagement 
 USB quick charging 


  5.1″ chamber a bit shy for some
  Not a robust BJ machine